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We Are The Strange, Strangers!

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Hello, from the Daily Strange! We have had the aid of several very talented and generous people, for which we are most grateful. Much is due them for their warmhearted assistance. And now that the bulk of the formative work is done, we will try to maintain ''Creepy Website's Black Hole Page as one of the finest articles and stories on We have spent a lot of thought upon what we can do to cause a great public demand for our website. In short, why will you tell about this website the people you know?. . We cannot, in honestly, say we will publish at all times the best horror fiction in the field. That would not be true. But we will have access to the best stories, 'and we will get our fair share of works from the best writers. .

We will not talk "adult" or "juvenile" relative to our content as we feel such terms are misleading. We would rather think at all times in the terms of ''story''. Some of the greatest escapist literature ever written, Crime Research Articles, Stories from Psychopaths Aspect,Dangerous & Harmful Love Stories,Creepy Tales,Bizarre News,Horror Magazine,Paranormal Things,Urban Legends and Serial Killer Files for instance, could be put into either category or both. Frankly, we don't think you'll visit us for more. You will visit other horror website and blog, we hope, because you like its personality. Every horror fiction and horror magazine, we feel, does have a definite personality of its own. This personality is usually a reflection of the editors, their way of thinking, their appreciation of the market, their interpretation of what you will like best in stories and artwork.

We have tried to make different from any other horror website on the stands while still building it along the lines of what every horror website must be. Aside from the letter columns and the editorial, which are departments of field-wide use, we have not copied any feature of any other website. We will not, for instance, review fanzines, because we feel that is being most ably done by other horror blog. Nor will we, as a general practice, review books because that appears to us to be overdone.

In Short, we're trying to build a personality of our own and hope thereby to establish an affinity with a large number of visitors who will remember 'DAILY STRANGE'' when they are surfing our website and reading our stories and also articles from there. I hope they will like our writings and wish to continue reading. At all times we will hew to the story-line and will exhort with our writers to do the same. And now i introduce to you my excellent bloody writers;

As, an example, when , Mr. Stigwood or Mrs. Cornwell phoned to talk over the plot for his lead story for the ''Black Hole Page'' They can be described what was without doubt a staggering premise, a really startling concept. "But," he or she could be mourned, "I suppose I'll have to bend it around to give them the good old conventional ending." We told Mr Stigwood or Mrs.Cornwell or all other Creepy Website's Black Hole Page Writers. "Not for the, chum. Remember the old creed we live by. A writer may cheat on his wife, but he is ever true to the story-line. He may haul his infant son around by one leg, but he carries a good story-idea like a holy relic. If there is only one logical ending for Twelve Times Zero, that's the ending we want." Therefore, we do not feel the majority of readers necessarily want a happy ending regardless of all else. Not when it is incompatable with the aura of realism created by the writer.

A check-list of fiction masterpieces certainly bears this out. The furor created by a little piece called Sorry, Wrong Number would certainly not have been forthcoming had the bedridden lady been rescued in the last paragraph. Romeo and Juliet would have been nothing more than the smooth effort of the world's greatest writer if Romeo had gotten there in time. Yet, in modern fiction, he gets there in time with such amazing regularity

one feels he has memorized at least a dozen time-tables. The result has been unnumbered carloads of

science & horror fiction. Also-though we don't wish to underscore the point too heavily- what could more surely have smothered the greatness of Wuthering Heights than a happy ending?

We do not wish to indicate ''DAILY STRANGE'' will be a Horror Magazine & Fiction given over to tragedy. We will only insist that our writers create scenes and climaxes that fix the story rather than cater to that old "debil" formula.

And in so doing we have an entirely selfish motive. This: As the years go by, we want to look back with personal pride upon an ever- lengthening list of great horror and crime stories, criminal files & different crime articles etc...

So the website you visited called, just hold it with your keyboard and mouse also it can be your smart phone doesn't matter! Just try that chance to us at least for the one time. I'm sure, we deserve that chance. You will see! We hope you will like our website.

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