Updated: Nov 17, 2019

If You're Looking for bug-eyed strange monsters carting off well-constructed females, Daily Strange is not your meat. If you want wild, 5 General And 13 Hidden Category on the outer rim of the Daily Strange, then you'll have to look for it elsewhere.

With Daily Strange we're reaching---beyond. It is only a hairline, perhaps right at your feet, that divides you from---something a world you never knew, yet somehow WANTED to believe in. Daily Strange a force, a vitality, an aware aliveness over there in another dimension, just awaiting a touch to spill over into our world, or draw you to it.

We like to think of this force, this vital essence, as having a sense of rough justice, so that its intrusion into our world or its inclusion of you in its world---always restores the rightful balance of things, as no force within our present can, can do.

Mostly, that is. Sometimes things can go awry, even with the balanced awareness of that force from Dark Zone, or perhaps some counter force intervenes, producing a chaos beyond imagining. You never know. That we feel, living in the Daily Strange.

Who would expect to find the Devil at a church bazaar? And if you did, wouldn't your naturally expect HIS justice to be ironic, a gigantic travesty on true justice?

And when you have Nothing To Fear, then you should fear Nothing, which is a terrible thing, a frightening, horrifying chaos.

And who, except a paper man, can be injured by a paper bullet? But from what source?

Such a devastating shot can only come from Psychotronic News Page. And if you looked in the Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, you'd expect to see your own face, wouldn't you? But what if you didn't? What if, of all horrors, you didn't see---anything!

And if you lost in the trash box (13 hidden category is in the ''TRASH BOX'') and defied the Future, what would your future be? What if you suddenly realized, with dawning horror, that the trash box.


''Here we feed the sites monster that possess dark zones theme. If you dare to enter this section you will crawl like shattered dolls, as you take this 13 ladders. In every step you took, garbage box will mark you like the ones before you by licking your delicious soul.''​

It is the What-If-ness of things that makes ''Collectional Horror Page''is the different and vintage horror review page. There just might be that vital force from Daily Strange that could reach out and touch YOU. Of course, if you have Nothing To Fear, then you're safe. Or are you?

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