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Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Well here we are again, another season with the all seasons artist C.S. Fuqua. and another missed post, the latter of which I apologise for - it was unavoidable this time round. I'm particularly proud of his works of art. I mean as a musician and an author. He took great time for me for the interview for the Daily Strange. I hope you agree with me it was worth it. The Interview was pretty explanatory, but I must say that was really helpful for understanding what he has gone through. When I read one of his book Walking After Midnight, I had several questions for understanding his mystic world. After the interview with C.S. Fuqua, naturally will change slightly and develop with time, and in response to comments from our visitors, but where are several things I am already very clear about.

From Hikes Photo by C.S. Fuqua

Firstly, I want to publish well-written, horror, thriller, mystery, suspense and science fiction stories like Fuqua's. A Simple enough aim, one might think, but as anyone who has edited a content of any description, the quality of submissions can vary wildly. One would hate to discourage anyone with genuine talent but perhaps a sketchy grasp of punctuation and grammar, but the first thing that any editor has to learn is that there can be no compromise. Set high standards and stick to them, which is what I have done and what I intend to continue doing.

A Writer Try To Write Something

I also want to publish a wide variety of stories. Most creepy stories and science fiction, with time, develop a certain editorial style, inevitably reflecting, to some extent, the tastes of those who chose the material. My own tastes are fairly horror, as are those of the various visitors assisting me, and I'd like to think that between us, we can offer you a very broad range of material. Not only recognisably traditional horror and science fiction, but also stories which push back the boundaries of the gene, or else leap off at an unexpected tangent. I've always been rather keen on the idea of speculative fiction, and plan to take a keen interest in the more unconventional varieties of horror and science fiction, though not the exclusion of all else.

Tale Trees Must Be Growing!

From now on we have stories from such established writers as David Stigwood, Lisette Cornwell, Henrik Zander, Christiane Schilling, Magnus Perfort,Stanislav Farada and also newer writers ---

László Harkányi,Þorsteinn Bøving, Prévost Carletti, Lianella Mancinotti,Eamonn Wolfenden, Patricia Thompson, Agnieszka Walach -

We dig something sometimes, even if we love them

I am particularly delighted to be able to include work from an unpublished writers, as I very much want them on the Daily Strange. It can be a vehicle promoting the work of new writers, as well as publishing stories from established authors. Publishers and editors have a duty to nurture and encourage new writers. Without them, the genre would eventually atrophy and die.

Cradle To Grave Creepy Stories

Many people worry about the state of horror and science fiction, whether the quality of the ideas and writing is deteriorating. One can't deny that the genre is bring vigorously hyped in some quarters, and that some of the work being published as horror and science fiction that distinctly suspect, but so long as there are discerning readers who demand high standards, and editors and publishers who are prepared to work to high standards, I think we can safely say that the genre is reasonably healthy. I very much hope that Daily Strange will be making contribution to maintaining high standards and encouraging new and original writing.

Now We Got Lots Of Strange Contents Now You'll See!

From now on we try to continue the good work by again providing plenty of material of interest

to Science fiction, horror, western, Tv spin off, Crime and Comic book fans. Again you should see improvements on Daily Strange.

See You In The Darkness!

Fuqua's superb artwork has graced for 61 different mystic stories for the Walking After Midnight and book covers for three decades. His prolific output is almost too larger to catalogue but to give you a raster here goes. His interest includes music and instruments especially harmonica. He is not just an author. Also musician and a craftsman. Now he has Busy with his new project. It is about ''Native American Flute'' It could be his biggest shot. His works are interesting for young and old readers. The more section of his career has led to his work for The Year's Best Horror 19 & 20, Walking After Midnight, Death In Service (Audio Cassette), Alabama Musicians, Rise, White and Trash Southern (collected poems), Trust Walk, Rise, The Native American Flute and Wind Poem Series.

Author C.S. Fugua

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Author Mini Bio

Chris Fuqua has worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor, book editor, English tutor, substitute teacher, janitor, respiratory therapy technician, gas station attendant (when such things existed), salesclerk, musician in a Mexican restaurant, writing instructor, and more.. Chris’s work spans a broad spectrum—historical, musical, and social nonfiction, and dark fantasy, literary, and science fiction and poetry—appearing in hundreds of publications worldwide as diverse as Bull Spec, Main Street Rag, Slipstream, Pearl, Bogg, Chiron Review, The Year’s Best Horror Stories, Cemetery Dance, Christian Science Monitor, Honolulu Magazine, Naval History, and The Writer. His published books include Native American Flute Craft ~ Ancient to Modern, The Native American Flute ~ Myth, History, Craft, Trust Walk and Rise Up fiction collections, The Swing: Poems of Fatherhood, Big Daddy’s Fast-Past Gadget, Muscle Shoals ~ The Hit Capital’s Heyday & Beyond, Cancer, White Trash & Southern ~ Collected Poems, and Notes to My Becca.

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