Sorcery In The Mist

In a gold and purple room,

With strange shadows softly flitting

Through the champed gloom-

There is indolently sitting

A little dark-eyed maid

In a strangely carven chair

At a table wrought of jade,

With her fingers in her hair.

And a jasper dragon's claw

Holds a gleaming crystal sphere,

Where did misty vapours are

Which continually veer;

Till the maiden gently sighs

As her eyes of amethyst

See fantastic forms arise

Through the ever shifting mist...

And the atmosphere grows denser

With the fumes that downward curl

From the silver swinging censer

To the silent watching girl;

And though night but slowly passes,

When the first shy sunbeams stare

Through the windows' colored glasses,

They will find her sitting there..

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