Soar Into The Dark Cloud

The Shadow on the wall

Grows larger, clearer.

On dark night as I lie abed,

Reading and musing of the past,

Thinking of what the old man said ----

''You are not wholly real, my boy.

Part of you came from 'way Out There'', ----

I call him wrong! I've lived and read

And dound my body and my hair

Resembles that of other men.

Sometimes the eerie shadow shifts;

The light behind me casts a form

Most strange. It weaves and oddly lifts

And scares me. It melts and flows

From light purple to deep red wine.

I Shudder as it slowly drifts

And bares the wall. What shape entwine

And mold the restless figure there?

The shadow in my mind

Grow larger, clearer . . . .

#gothicpoem #darkpoety



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