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Before this post , I interviewed with famous author and musician C.S. Fuqua. After the interview, he send it to me some spectacular photos of New Mexican Sky and the Organ. You will find interesting stuff that you really would surprised. Thanks to C.S. Fuqua I have had little research of New Mexican area then I came across unique place called Mogollon and  the author Uncle River's  short story. If you want to read more you should buy Uncle River's  amazing novel called ''Mogollon News'' Here you will read Uncle River's  source is Sam Jaramillo. He's a veteran of the war in Vietnam. Now time to get you there!

As most people in Mogollon area are aware, there’s lots more gold in the ground here. However, several high tech, and  no doubt high priced, less have concluded that most of it is either spread too thin or too deep to be worth the cost of getting it out. 

Mogollon Main Street in 1940

 At least that's what the big companies thought.Local folks here figured there had to be a way to get some of that are close enough to the surface to make it pofitable.

Mogollon style of hamBurger now You must be Hungry isn't it?

One of the men working at the mine, Sam Jaramillo, is a veteran of the war in Vietnam, where he learned how to do things with explosives most people never heard of. However, the blasting had to be cheap. The ore was only good enough to mine if it came easy. After some figuring, it was concluded that the least expensive approach was to blow the whole mass of overlying rock and dirt off with just one massive charge. 


The only trouble was where to put it. The path of least resistance would land the whole mess right on the road. Shooting it over the top of the hill into Whitewater Canyon was ruled out too. This option was considered. Some of them tragic crash big canyon lunatics. With the Catwalk closed for repairs and hardly anyone going down there, some people believed no one would ever know where the rock came from. Sam nixed that idea though. ''It's going to be a big pile. I want to do things right.'' That would have meant filling an Environmental Impact Statement and public hearings. By the time the proposal was approved, if it ever was, the mine would be broke and out of business. Sam would probably be dead of old age. 

The mill At Little Fanny Mine

With federal land out and no place safe on the mine's property, the next move was to turn to the country for a place to deposit the rock.

Little Fanny Mine

The Catron County officers understand what it takes to make it out here and know people need to keep expenses down. As well, it just happened they had a use for all that fill, and anything the county can get for free helps keep the taxes reasonable.

Deputy sheriff and constable talking, Mogollon, New Mexico (Russell Lee, June 1940)

A date was set. Sam's precision blasting worked like a charm. Mining is underway on the newly accessible body of ore. And the old hole at the dump down at Pleasanton is now filled in smooth as a plate.

Appreciation is extended to the Catron County Sheriff's Department for stationing a deputy st the dump entrance to make sure no one got too close to the impact area. Since the deputy was on duty anyhow, this did not cost the taxpayers a cent. 

Winter In Mogollon

Last but not least  I also want to mention Mogollon. If you love dark journeys like me, it is best for you to switch road to Mogollon in winter.

Here's The Mogollon Monster!

It becomes readily apparent why Mogollon is a ghost town. The road is usually plowed after storms in time for the mail to come in. However, anyone wishing to visit Mogollon should be warned that ,t gets muddy on warm days. Four wheel drive is not advised as it only digs a hole faster. And the helicopter costs to pull out the extra weight are that much greater as well. On fact, one Jeep Cherokee disappeared altogether. The passengers only just managed to escape by smashing the windshield. And they all have required a very expensive caourse of theraphy (which van usually be provided in the back room of the Bloated Goat)


Anyone wishing to visit Mogollon should be advised that the best time to arrive is between dawn and sunrise.

Accommodations are generally available without reservations if you don't mind sharing your quarters with the bears.


However, there is no food service in town this winter. So you should bring plenty in case the weather closes in. Four thousand calories per person per day is usually adequate even when it is very cold. But bring extra as the bears will probably want a share. ''Mongollon News by Uncle River''  

Author Uncle River Photo by Carla De Marco

Uncle River's cultural Speculative Fiction has appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Amazing Stories, Interzone, Absolute Magnitude, Talebones, and the Year's Best Fantasy anthology, among many others. Places to look for his fiction in 2005 include Analog, Tales of The Unanticipated, Space & Time, Challenging Destiny, and Hadrosaur Tales.  He has had work on the Preliminary Nebula Ballot, and been a finalist for the Sturgeon Award.  Trained in Jungian Analysis and holding what he believes to be the world's only earned Ph.D. in Psychology of the Unconscious (Union Institute, 1974), Uncle River has lived as a hermit/writer in the mountain Southwest for the past 25 years.


Prometheus: the autobiography (Crossquarter Publishing Group, P. O. Box 8756, Santa Fe, NM 87504,, 165 pp., trade paperback, $13.50 + $1.50 shipping.) A history of Western civilization from the view of Prometheus, in myth, story, fact, philosophy, and rant. What sort of world does a culture produce, which both requires individual consciousness and treats it as a crime?"Prometheus: the autobiography acquires a numinous character from the way he conceives and develops it with foresight and insight...". . . R. K. Singh, TheContemporary Research Indica (India)"We have few sages among us, what with all the distractions in the world, and this sagacious tale needs to be heard and heeded, around campfires, in coffee shops, and in History of the World, Part MMIII undergraduate seminars." . . .Kathleen Kesson, Professor of Education, Long Island University"Prometheus goes back, way back. He's the ur-shaman, the insight-bringer, who first organized the Cosmos for human perception....worth attending." . . .Tom Easton, Analog Science Fiction And Fact.


Set in the real New Mexico ghost town of Mogollon where Uncle River lived for five years, the fictitious "Mogollon News" began as a column in the Silver City Enterprise, at the time New Mexico's oldest continuously published weeklypaper, in 1985. The "Mogollon News" was a regular feature on Public Radio Station KRWG, Las Cruces, from 1986-90, and has appeared as a column in several regional newspapers. In the nineties, it ran as a regular feature in the award- winning British experimental Speculative Fiction periodical, BBR. Sufficiently authentic to back-country life that Uncle River's local postmaster wondered why she didn't know the people whose tales appeared in the paper, the "Mogollon News" series is now complete, and compiled into book-manuscript format.


Thunder Mountain, (Mother Bird Books, 1213 Durango, Silver City, NM 88061,, 189 pp., trade paperback, $11 + $1.50 shipping.) Set in the fictitious Thunder Range of remote Southwestern New Mexico, Thunder Mountain "explores how the land can live and how human spirits can bond with the land" (BBR). On the fringes of contemporary American society, Thunder Mountain is a tale that calls forth the essential distinction between moral values of both honest conventional people and honest outlaws, and the criminally immoral of whatever style."Uncle River transcends mere authorship to become an authentic voice of the abused land." . . . Paul DiFilippo, Asimov's Science Fiction". . . a new sort of creature, perhaps related to magical realism, which I hope gets positive notice in both of its home worlds - New Mexico regional writing and science fiction...The way the book is structured makes an important read, which is good since the story is pleasant and brings laughter and tears at the right places." . . . Don Webb, The New York Review of Science Fiction.

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