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Mystic Meter: Wait for us before we dig down the supernatural things!

"Supernatural Life” is a central idea in teaching or learning religion. It is a truth around which a great variety of other truths can be grouped or related. Thus, it becomes a key to unity and understanding in the field of religion.

Some boys and girls in school never get to the heart of a subject. They study the externals, the non-essential details, and in some cases not even graduation or a job or marriage or parenthood will insure to them real insight and deep understanding. In the case of religion, some will still be waiting for this insight at the dawn of eternity. The Eternal Judge will reveal to them at last the meaning and the value and the beauty of Supernatural Life, God’s precious gift in the soul of man. Its presence, however, should be known and treasured long before that Day of Judgment. A high school student can understand this central idea and appreciate its meaning. It begins simply enough on the level of grace and virtue, but it rises higher and higher through the many stages of perfection to the goal of saintliness. It ascends triumphantly to the level of mysticism in a prayer of the RACCOLTA: "O Jesus! Thou art the Life, through Thy sanctifying grace which is the life of our souls.” (italics mine)

The life of the soul — our central idea — is Supernatural Life. A simple beginning leads to meanings and to applications that extend to eternity. Thus, Supernatural Life is a perfect central idea.

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