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Mystic Meter: Focusing On The Bigfoot Mystery

From the wilds of North America a mysterious ape-like creature hides in the shadows. Position over seven feet tall and with an immense, muscled body, it needs to be hard to remain concealed. Many that see him say he just disappears into the background. Like a man, he walks upright, but the short black hair covering his entire body indicates he's no homo-sapiens. No bodies, bones, or remains have ever been found despite more than two centuries of searching. The only evidence we have of this mythical beast is its enormous tracks. That is why the creature is named Bigfoot.'

Like most legendary Native American monsters, Bigfoot is a central part of indigenous traditional tales. In 1811, David Thompson, a white trader, was at the north Rocky Mountains when he saw a pair of massive 14 by 8-inch footprints. Over many decades, the stories of Sasquatch propagate and on 4th July 1884, the Daily Colonist newspaper in British Columbia was proud to announce that a train crew had captured a strange beast. In fact, the stocky, black-haired primate that they trapped was probably only a chimpanzee.

A man crouches on the Oregon forest floor late at night, peering between the trees for signs of nocturnal life. The scene is pitch-black but his face and hands are visible in infrared footage, and he scans the landscape with a thermal camera, looking for a heat signature that would indicate he isn't alone.
Suddenly, a red blob emerges in the distance.
"Do you see that?" he whispers. "It's something big."
But could it be Bigfoot, North America's fabled apelike creature? That's the question this man — author and explorer Russell Acord — and his colleagues are trying to answer, in the new Travel Channel documentary series "Expedition Bigfoot," premiering tonight (Dec. 8) at 10 p.m. ET/PT. (Source:

The American and Canadian hills slowly grew awash with tales of Sasquatch looks; there were even reports of gangs of strange creatures attacking people in the forests. The Sasquatch phenomenon was never solely focused on the idea of a single creature, and people have always believed there might be a breeding colony. At that moment, the mysterious beasts were primarily of interest to lumberjacks, miners, and those who lived or worked in places where it had been sighted.

That changed in 1958 when Jerry Crew, a bulldozer operator working in Humboldt County, California, made casts of the bizarre footprints he had found. A local newspaper photographed Crew, and his image has been syndicated across the United States. The sight of a man holding a plaster cast record of the tracks of a mysterious beast started the modern Bigfoot legend. However, if Crew's discovery helped to launch the myth, it would be the episode nine years later that sealed Bigfoot's place in the American consciousness.

Inside one man’s quest to prove Bigfoot exists.

(Comprehensive documentary about the Bigfoot Mystery

I think you might be interested)

In October 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin were riding on horseback through Bluff Creek, north California. They were in the area specifically searching for Bigfoot. Suddenly one looked in their path, and Patterson was thrown from his horse. Whilst Gimlin maintained a rifle trained on the monster, Patterson quickly regained his footing and ran towards the creature, filming all the time with a cine camera that they had taken with them. The result is possibly the most enigmatic evidence yet. The footage shows a large hairy biped gradually drifting into the undergrowth. Experts who have closely studied the film suggest it is a female Bigfoot, as two adrenal glands are merely discernible on its front.

Salt Fork Ohio Grassman - Bigfoot - Sasquatch

My friend and I got permission to fly our drones at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio. While we were there we heard many strange noises and we may or may not have found the Ohio Grassman / Bigfoot / Sasquatch in Ohio at Salt Fork. We used GoPro Hero7 Black, GoPro Hero 8 Black, and the DJI Mavic Air and DJI Mavic Mini. Please let us know what you think about the Ohio Grassman or Bigfoot
(You could be support hem with the under link below in Salt Fork state park.

Some experts believe, if the film is played at a slightly faster speed, it could easily be a human in a costume. However, aspects of the footage are quite incredible. For instance, biotechnology scientists have stated that for a creature like Bigfoot to walk it would require an extended heel. The creature on the picture has an elongated heel.

Experts in the business initially expected the movie merely to be special effects, but they've been unable to discover any tell-tale signs that it is a hoax. Similarly, a group of Russian scientists who tried to determine the proper speed of the movie came to the conclusion that the monster really did have a long, lumbering gait. But, Gimlin himself has entertained the possibility that he might have been an unwitting participant in a hoax orchestrated by his friend. This we shall never know as Patterson died ocancer in 1972.

Teddy Roosevelt Vs Bigfoot
Teddy Roosevelt Vs Bigfoot

People have reported seeing UFOs in the areas of Bigfoot appearances. Additionally, the creatures are now thought to have glowing red eyes and be carrying luminous orbs. This is a shame, because to really accept Bigfoot's existence, the world needs to see some hard physical evidence.

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