Mystic Meter: Explanation of Psychic Phenomena, Poltergeist

Mystic Meter: Explanation of Psychic Phenomena, Poltergeist

One of the best known of all psychic phenomena is that of the poltergeist, whose activities are chronicled since ancient times. Some poltergeists have also been proven to sob, moan, and scream. As these mischievous, attention-getting, and sometimes malicious tricks would suggest, the poltergeist is almost always related to the existence in the house of one specific young person, usually an adolescent boy or woman. From the Manning instance, the poltergeist was correlated with 11-year-old Matthew, among the three kids in the family in 1967 when the manifestations started. The disturbances--which consisted chiefly of stockings and the movement of furniture and items --stopped when Matthew was off and resumed when he returned. Eventually the poltergeist followed him to his boarding school. It wasn't till 1971, when Matthew apparently siphoned the power or drive behind these manifestations into his developing artistic and psychic abilities, the poltergeist finally retreated. It must be said that the Manning poltergeist was unusually tenacious--few visitations last longer than two weeks.

Although research has shown some poltergeist instances to be misleading, researchers have found enough cases above suspicion to convince them that the poltergeist is a true psychic phenomenon, ungoverned by ordinary physical laws. Evidence suggests that the manifestations of the poltergeist are created by bursts of psychic activity emanating from its agent, the 1 person whose existence is always required. The most widely known examples of alleged psychokinesis are those of Uri Geller, but these have now been largely disregarded as fraudulent. (For example, one well-known magician has said that Geller used a palmed magnet to stop a watch.) Her ability to move and otherwise affect small objects without physical contact has been seen by Western parapsychologists but hasn't been broadly tested under rigorous laboratory conditions in the West, and her feats have not been scrutinized by professional magicians.

The lack of this PK concept as an explanation for poltergeist phenomena, however, is that the power involved in several poltergeist disturbances far surpasses anything claimed by the supporters of Kulagina and other PK adepts. The best they can do is to move a small thing, like a fountain pen, whereas poltergeists can cause crockery to fly across a space. In light of this, some researchers have cast about for a supply of energy that might be used by poltergeists. However far their efforts to spell out poltergeist phenomena have simply replaced one mystery with another. Much more mysterious is the reason any soul or being that may marshal such remarkable psychic energy should expend it on such purposeless actions.

In view of this, some researchers have cast about for a source of energy that might be utilized by poltergeists. But so far their attempts to explain poltergeist phenomena have simply replaced one mystery with another. Even more mysterious is why any spirit or being that could marshal such remarkable psychic energy should expend it on such purposeless activities.



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