Most Disturbing And Gore Killing Eye Movies

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

It is generally considered acceptable in society nowadays to pierce the odd hole, into your body, whether this be the ears, nose or whatever! Then let's not forget acupuncture - a ''relaxing'' process whereby the idea is to pierce your skin in as many places as possible, and, well, erm relax (sort of like a portable bed-of-nails!). Acupuncture looks painful although it's never done Doug Bradley much harm now has it??

The Eye Drawing by Moshe Rosental

Filmmakers worldwide have taken advantage of this 'piercing' past-time we so much enjoy. No, I'm not talking about the nose and ears now; they offer much more interesting places in which you might like to try out a new hole-in-the-body. A favorite of mine, which I've never really been tempted to try out personally: The Eye! So, come with me the people and let's relive some of the more interesting penetrable events the eye has experienced over the past sixty years or so (in the interests of piercing tastes of course!). Let's get the (eye) ball rolling with an early scene which I recently had the pleasure of viewing:

Armin Brunner's silent film from 1929, UN CHIEN ANDALOU. Now, this dilm's a little muddled to me. David Lynch, by comparison, has nothing on this guy. Anyhow, I get the basic impression it's about, some bloke who goes a bit potty when there's a full moon. He also keeps an army of ants - in the palm of his hand (literally) and enjoys slicing eyes with a handy cut-throat razor when he gets the chance.

Un Chien Andalou Movie Poster

Original Movie Title: Un Chien Andalou

Also Known As: An Andalusian Dog

Country: France

Language: French

Runtime: 16 Min.

Release Date: 6 June 1929 (France)

Director: Luis Buñuel

Writers: Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel

IMDb Rating: 7.8

Official Movie Synopsis

''A series of surreal moving images loosely tied together by common actors are presented. Underneath a moonlit sky, a woman's eye is cut open by a razor blade. While a young woman in her apartment deals with a cyclist who took a tumble outside her building, the police, another young woman, and a crowd of onlookers deal with the aftermath of the accident itself on the street. Two young men have an altercation resulting in one of the men dying and being transported away to another world. The young man and woman in the apartment begin to transform themselves both manually and magically with other objects of their persons. The young woman then leaves the apartment and is transported to another location where she and another man marvel at what has happened with the man she just left. The two have a somewhat ambiguous end to their story.'' - Huggo

Well, some woman's game for this. She sits down on a chair readily provided for her. The ant bloke quickly approaches her from behind, produces the razor and with a masterful flick of the hand, moves it left to right across her left eye. A quick close-up - this is pretty gory and a well-made effect for a 1929 film! Impressive.

Probably the most notorious eye scene can be found in Zombie Flesh Eaters, 1979. Mrs Mynard (Olga Karlatos) is rather unfortunate as she happens to live on an island full of zombies who wander mindlessly around all day. Anyhow, after a nice shower, there she is drying off in her little wooden house, when who would want to invite themselves in? None other than one of those warped-out zombies. He tries knocking on the door (!) but either forgets his own like the rest of the house is made, of wood and shatters it. Olga seems to resist his temptation to enter. Maybe it's because he doesn't realize his own strength? Anyhow, while he continues to probingly shatter the door; more specifically toward one of the bamboo sticks, which is now conveniently sticking out of the door, and directly in line of - oh no, it can't be - yes, your eye!! The inevitable happens and your right eye sadly makes contact with the spike. But does our zombie friend stop there? Nah, he continues to pull further, thus almost shattering the eye into many pieces. Generally quite messy!

Zombie Flesh Eaters 1979 Movie Poster

Original Movie Title: Zombie Flesh Eaters

Also Known As: Zombie (Zombie 2: Dead Are Among Us)

Country: Italy

Language: Italian

Runtime: 91 Min.

Release Date: 18 July 1980 (USA)

Director: Lucio Fulci

Writer: Elisa Briganti

IMDb Rating: 6.9

Official Synopsis

''A sail boat arrives in New York without a living soul but a zombie that attacks two guards from the Coast Guard. The daughter of the owner of the ship, Anne Bowles, requests information about her missing father that was in the Antilles to the detectives that are investigating the crime without success. She meets the journalist Peter West and they decide to investigate what might have happened to her father. They travel to Matul Island with Brian Hull and Susan Barrett in their boat. Once in the tropical island, they meet Dr. David Menard, who is trying to find a cure to a disease that brings dead back to life, turning them into zombies that eat human flesh, increasing the menace against the group.'' - Claudio Carvalho

In Bloody Birthday (1980), Debbie Brody (Elizabeth Hoy) is generally your everyday American brat. Born under a total solar eclipse seems to have had an effect on her. She has decided to make use of a hole she earlier poked into her sister, Beverly's, bedroom. What for? Why with the intention of killing her.

Bloody Birthday 1981 Movie Poster

Original Movie Title: Bloody Birthday

Also Known As: Creeps (Hide and Go Kill)

Country: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 85 Min.

Release Date: 28 April 1981 (USA)

Director: Ed Hunt

Writer: Ed Hunt and Barry Pearson

IMDb Rating: 5.7

Official Synopsis

''In 1970, three children are born at the height of a total eclipse. Due to the sun and moon blocking Saturn, which controls emotions, they have become heartless killers ten years later, and are able to escape detection because of their youthful and innocent facades. A boy and his teenage sister become endangered when they stumble onto the bloody truth.'' - Ed Sutton

Armed with how and arrow, Debbie goes trundling off to the hole, intending to fire the arrow at her good sister. Unfortunately, she makes too much of a racket, which in turn attracts Beverly to have a peek through. While she's having a little nose, Debbie fires the arrow from the other side. Bingo!

A hole in one. William Tell would be proud of her. A successful shot, directly in the left eye.

It's nice to see that John Morghen (as Mike in CANNIBAL FEROX, 1980) appreciates he true eye-dealistic nature of eye removing. He holds special classes for all his friends in the Amazon. In this instance he picks on a Portuguese (does that make him poor-tugese?) fellow, for use in his practical experiment. Then, whilst producing a handy hunting knife, making sure it's extra sharp, he places it near this guy's left eye. A quick bit of poking around, and yes indeed, the knife's right in there. A quick flick of the wrist, Mike's able to remove the eye from the socket, and if so desires can take it home produce it at parties. Pity you won't get the chance, eh Mike?

Cannibal Ferox 1981 Movie Poster

Original Movie Title: Cannibal Ferox

Also Known As: Woman From Deep River

Country: Italy

Language: Italian, English, Spanish

Runtime: 93 Min.

Release Date: 11 November 1983 (USA)

Director: Umberto Lenzi

Writer: Umberto Lenzi

IMDb Rating: 5.2

Official Synopsis

''New York grad student and anthropologist Gloria, her brother Rudy, and their friend Pat, travel to a remote part of the Amazon jungle to find and disaprove the local theory of cannibalism among the local tribes when they run into something far worse: a cruel and sadistic, streetwise drug dealer, named Mike Lawson, and his partner, Joe, hiding out in the jungle from murder and drug-dealing charges in back in New York and whom are presently using the docile natives to mine for emeralds and harvest cocca. When the crazed Lawson kills a few natives, including the daughter of the chief, just for his sadistic enjoyment, the warriors turn against their masters and subjuect the two dealers and three grad students to the most horrific torture and murder for their crimes using their own harsh law of the jungle.'' - Matt Patay

Another scene to look out for is in Dead and Buried (1981), where George Le Moyne (Christopher Allport), decides to take some scenic shots of Potters Buff. Armed with camera (and film?), if he's lucky he might catch the odd bit of scenery. If he's really lucky though he might catch Lisa Blount, who's willing to undress for a more artistic pose. This doesn't go down to well with fellow residents of Potter's Buff though. They appear on the scene, attach him firmly to a trawler net and set him alight. George survives this mere smolder though, and begins a long (albeit scolded ) recovery in hospital. Whilst there Ms. Blount decides to pay him a visit, and brings with her a gift a syringe, to ''make you feel even better''. . .!

Dead & Buried 1981 Movie Poster

Original Movie Title: Dead & Buried

Also Known As: Look Alive (Dead And Buried)

Country: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 94 Min.

Release Date: 9 October 1981 (USA)

Director: Gary Sherman (As Gary A. Sherman)

Story By: Jeff Millar and Alex Stern

Novel By: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Screenplay By: Ronal Shusett And Dan O'Bannon

IMDb Rating: 6.6

Official Movie Synopsis

''Potters Bluff, Rhode Island. may seem to be a sleepy little town. At least for the casual visitor and the local sheriff, Daniel Gillis. However, all of a sudden, there are a lot of strange murders where strangers or people passing through are killed by mobs of townspeople. Only Sheriff Gillis has no clue to what's going on. Fortunately, the town has an excellent undertaker, William G. Dobbs, who is happy to take care of this sudden death-wave which is good for his business. Gillis soon discovers clues that lead to many of the local inhabitants involved in the killings, including his own wife Janet.'' - Mattias Thuresson

A firm jab with the excellence and provision of Jocky Wilson, she firmly pokes the syringe through his bandages into his left eye. I get the impression here she doesn't really like old George.

George Eastman/Luigi Montefiore has never really had much luck has he? In amongst the torturous eye treatment. Being the maniacal beast he is (his second outing as such in Joe D'Amato's absurd (1981), then I'm sure he doesn't mind. The finale of the film has been reached. Once again we're here at the ''original'' idea of a girl being persuade by the maniac killer (although this is a bit odd as the girl is rather strange and George is meant to be unstoppable!). But oh dear George, silly you - a slap on the wrists I think. Our heroine this time happens to be an expert in the technical drawing field and always carries a spare compass around in the event of being attacked. George quickly bounces on her but she's much too fast for the aging actor! Armed with compass, she lunges for his eye. Hooray, a bulls(eye) : compass sticking from his right retina, we, the viewers, are submitted to even more suffering - yes, 30 seconds of Mr. Eastman attempting to sound like he's in pain.

Original Movie Title: Rosso Sangue

Also Known As: Absurd

Country: Italy

Language: Italian

Runtime: 90 Min.

Release Date: October 1981 (Italy)

Director: Joe D'Amato

Writer: George Eastman (as John Cart)

IMDb Rating: 5.4

Official Movie Synopsis

''A priest comes to a small town to help get rid of a monster whose blood coagulates very fast. This creates problems as the monster is very hard to kill and then decides to go on a killing spree of its own.'' - Josh Pasnak

On a similar eye-slicing basis (but a vertical one as opposed to a horizontal one) to Un Chien Andalou, Kitty (the typical Italian portrayal of American hooker) is into pretty kinky stuff in her up. Then, as if taught by Paul Daniels himself, pro-dues a razor blade. Not wanting to ideally avert from the subject he decides to cut her - firstly here, then there, oh and then there too, oh and why not the odd eye? He places the blade on the right side of her forehead and slowly brings it down her head. The blade continues to approach her eye. Ironically her right pupil follows it. The ripper manages to calculate the exact midpoint intersection of her eye, as he slices it directly in two, vertically, down the middle. If I were you Kitty, I'd give this guy a miss next time!

The opening sequences to Halloween III (1982) are actually quite odd. This time Michael Myers is replaced by some daft male robots. Harry Grimbridge (Al Berry) has wound up in hospital as a result of an earlier encounter with several such robots. Whilst he calmly sleeps in the joyous surroundings of a hospital bed, he has a visitor. No not Lisa Blount (no such luck!), but yet another smartly dressed robot. Mr Robot obviously has clear intentions. He covers Harry's mouth with his left hand. Using the robotic talents of his right hand, he firmly places forefinger and thumb into Harry's eyes (yes, both of them - the only dual stabbing I could find), and then proceeds to remove his hands and wipe the gooey stuff on the nearest bed curtain. How rude!

Halloween III: Season Of The Witch (1982) Poster

Original Movie Title: Halloween III: Season Of The Witch

Also Known As: Season Of The Witch

Country: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 98 Min.

Release Date: 22 October 1982 (USA)

Director: Tommy Lee Wallace

Writer: Tommy Lee Wallace

IMDb Rating: 4.8

Official Movie Synopsis

''Daniel Challis, a doctor in a northern California hospital, treats a scared old man named Harry Grimbridge who screams "They are going to kill us!" while clutching a Halloween mask from the number-one best-selling Silver Shamrock mask company. But later Daniel is shocked when later that night Harry is murdered in his hospital bed and the killer walks calmly to a car and blows himself up. His curiosity is piqued when Harry's daughter Ellie arrives and tells Daniel that Harry was scared ever since he tried looking into the origins of the masks, since no orders for them are being taken for the following year. Daniel and Ellie go to Santa Mira, the home of Silver Shamrock, to uncover what happened and are horrified to find out that the owner of the mask company, Conal Cochran, is planning to use the masks and some black magic as one great Halloween trick on the children who are wearing his masks that coming Halloween. As time draws near on Halloween night, Daniel must stop Cochran from sending the signal out to activate the masks, and he can only do that if he can get out of Cochran's huge mask factory alive....'' - Lee Horton

In Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer (1986), Otis (Tom Towles) and Henry (Michael Rooker) are in a little scuffle over Otis' sister Becky (Tracy Arnold). Infact, whilst these two are wrestling we see, via nifty bit of camera swapping Becky grab her ever ready steel comb.

Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer (1986) Poster

Original Movie Title: Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer

Country: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 83 Min.

Release Date: 7 September 1990 (USA)

Director: John McNaughton

Writers: Richard Fire and John McNaughton

IMDb Rating: 7.0

Official Movie Synopsis

''What would you do if you found out that the person living right along side you is really a serial killer, who engages in bizarre acts of sex with people and animals, living and dead, who killed his own mother? Well, meet Henry. He is a typical under-paid bug spray guy who lives amongst you. He is not Freddy or Jason, he's real. Henry was serving time in jail for killing his mother. He cannot seem to keep his story straight in his head, he can't really recall how he killed that one. She was cruel to him. She made him wear a dress to school, and she made him watch her have sex with dirty old men. He couldn't take it anymore, so one day, he just killed her. No remorse. He hooked up with a friend named Otis, and the two are living together. Otis' sister is moving in too, because she doesn't have any money. They are an interesting trio, each with their own set of morals. Otis' sister begins to fall for Henry, who has wonderful manners and seems to look out for her. Otis on the other hand, he just wants to see his sister naked. Henry and Otis go out for beers one night, and Henry introduces him to the act of murder. They kill a few prostitutes, and a "hot" items salesman. There is no limit to what they will do once they get a taste for it. Otis is becoming quickly addicted, and he can't pull himself out of the web Henry has weaved. That poor girl has no idea what is going on with them. She begins to date Henry. The two appear to fall in love. The cops don't have a clue. Henry is too smart for them. If you shoot one, and stab another, they will never make the connection between the two murders. It all becomes so random that it seems normal death to the police. Henry also has transportation on his side. He travels from town to town once the heat gets too heavy. He can pick up a few hitchhikers on the way and kill them. Bingo! A new guitar. This movie is very shocking, because you only see one or two of the fifteen murders happen, the rest you just see the before and after, with no middle. It makes you wonder what the hell was going on in between.'' - Natalie Wayne

Panning back to the wrestlers, we see Otis produce his handgun (did I mention the handgun?). Aided by some excellently thought out was to shoot poor old Henry. Becky, though, has probably read the script and knows what's really meant to happen. Almost immediately she pops the comb in and out of Otis's right eye, thus causing much pain. Tom Towles at this stage does a very accurate impression of George Eastman, by continually warbling out a primitive groaning noise.

Danny (Eugene Glazer), the supermarket owner in Intruder (1989), is in for an interesting night. After all he has just sold the store and thus sacked all his staff. Add to this the manic deranged person who's roaming around the store, popping people off with every opportunity. Well, Danny, you're next.

Intruder (1989) Movie Poster

Original Movie Title: Intruder

Also Known As: Night Crew (Night Crew: The Final Checkout)

Country: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 83 Min.

Release Date: 13 January 1989 (USA)

Director: Scott Spiegel

Story By: Lawrence Bender

Screenplay By: Scott Spiegel

IMDb Rating: 6.3

Official Movie Synopsis

''The ex-boyfriend of a check-out girl at a supermarket returns at closing time to make trouble. They quarrel and the boyfriend is ejected from the store. After they lock the building up to take inventory, the employees start dying off, and the survivors must eventually find a way to escape with their lives!'' - Ed Sutton

The ''killer'' creeps up behind Danny, who's busy fiddling the books in his office, and at the earliest opportunity grabs him firmly around the head. With his free hand he begins to push Danny towards a metal paper spike. Danny tries to call for help but fails miserably (what a surprise, eh?). With full force, the killer wops Danny's left eye firmly into the spike. Another little push on the head just to make sure the full piercing effect is appreciated. Watch out for this eye in a later scene - it somehow appears in a jar!!

Well, I hope this insight into the world of jabbing the eye with as many sharp objects as plausible has been of some use to somebody! Please keep an eye out for more, indeed keep a lookout for these; they're worth seeing. I'd be lying if I said most, if not all, of them did produce the odd squirmy expression from myself. But then again, I guess it's in our best interests to warn you of such grotesque things, eh?

- Stuart Taylor

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