Killing Jokes Echoes In The Batcave

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Killing Jokes Echoes In The Batcave

Got your attention with that headline, eh? Batman is one of the premiere representatives of the super-hero, a genre native to and perhaps the one most closely associated with the art form the comic book. Yes we all know that the super hero is a paranoiac power fantasy, but that's the way it really is out there, in case you didn't know. The superhero is a way of plugging the sense of self which is necessary for survival in this dog eat dow world. But the point. . .

The point is that Warner Bros Company laid out $300 million in a big bucks action, which means that they had to lie in order to recoup their investment. What they lied about is The New Batman project. The reason they had to lie is that there isn't $300 million to be gotten from the people whom The Batman really works for, since we oppressed, paranoid, and fantasy prone folks are notoriously short of cash. What Warner did was to twist The Batman to suit the target market that their demographics experts decided that over the $300 million will most likely come back from.

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The core insidiousness of this entire process is that all of a sudden we have The Batman working for the very ones against whom he was designed to fight. ''Wait a minute.'' some of you may be saying, ''The Batman is against crime, and is a friend of the police. He's an ally of law and order!'' Yes, that is, of course, the case, but the primary key here is that he works outside of the law, on his own terms for his (read our) sense of what is right and just, whereupon he brings that to the attention of the forces of law and order, which are pretty much just that: forces which are put in motion through the front men in the media, manipulate into existence a view of right and wrong which serves to maintain their control of society and its means of material and cultural production.

I would imagine that those of you possessing the cultural insight necessary to read contents here---on the Creepy Website in first place, would be conscious of the perspective that big business and crime are moving ever closer to becoming synonymous. In other words, law and order is a force which works for those who direct it for us. Batman the comic book character is a figure who directs it for us, whereas who directs it for them.

Behind the scene of Tim Burton's Batman. (1989) I guess Michael Keaton was try to direct Lol.

Obviously, there will be some among you who will say, ''who cares about the Batman, put the old geezer out pasture already, he's history.'' And you may be right: ''Dark Bat'' is pretty much of a burn out these days, what with Frank Miller having squeezed out onto paper just about every ounce of significance that Bats had left in him with The Dark Knight Returns and Batman Year One. (Christopher Nolan's Gotham was so close to the Frank Miller's story) Maybe it is time to send Bats on his way, and what better way to obliterate his real significance from the public consciousness than with a $300 million marketing blitz.

Batman Dark Knight Returns Part 1 (2012) Animated Poster
''Although Frank Miller's graphic novel "The Dark Knight Returns" was originally adapted into two parts, Warner Home Video re-edited them into a single direct-to-video animated feature, "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Deluxe Edition." - Source:

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In any case, the question still remains of who or what will replace The Man once he is gone. Gone Affleck gone! By now, there won't be Bruce Wayne from Ben Affleck. Then the new question is must be, who will become Batman before escaping to the Batcave. Ben Affleck was about to play the lead role as Batman and also was behind the camera as a director and writer. But he stepped down from the Batman project as all forms (as an actor, director and writer) due to the commit and overcoming the exhaustion and frustrations that became a problem for him recently after a demanding schedule that included Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Suicide Squad(2016), The Accountant (2016), Live by Night (2016) and Justice League (2017).

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Ben Affleck as Batman in Gotham City (Artwork)

On this Daily Strange like its name literally, I have been busy for 4 weeks with its web design, online advertisement management, social media and also editorial lead-in's, so I haven't had the questionable luxury to think about Robert Pattinson as a new Batman in action. We didn't know so much info yet at the time for this project but according to rumors, its atmosphere will be serious and also dark.

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And the Batman project is about to finish in 2021 and new Batman will be Robert Pattinson. Matt Reeves will the director of film. He was directed Cloverfield (2008), Let Me In, (2010) Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (2014), and War For The Planet Of The Apes, (2017) before. Wait a minute. Take into consideration the fact that director Matt Reeves, now he stands for Robert Pattinson, who will wear the Batsuit in his Gotham.

Could Robert Pattinson make a great performance for the new Batman?

Yet. But that doesn't matter. I've seen the damage incurred by the piles of hype on the street and in the air. The first signs of fall out from the super-action-drama have already been in effect for months. And the majority of you have to wait new batman project but at least Joker's new solo project will come this year. For the first time solo Joker film to the immensely popular THE KILLING JOKE story will be coming to the cinemas on 4 October 2019. Joaquin Phoenix playing Joker and Todd Philips is the director.

Joker (2019) Alternative Movie Poster

But now they recently released the trailer that has been sufficiently sterilized and rendered harmless, and will come out without the already completed Bats homo jokes, and the Joker wearing a dress. Hangover diaries can be effective on the Joker. Lol. Because of the Todd Phillips (director of the Hangover series). Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging, just a little sense of humor.

Joker (2019) Official Teaser

DC. Comics is currently in a nasty stock battle with Marvel and NETFLIX. The victory will get higher budget movies and tv series, and will form the biggest media platform of all. (Netflix now's the biggest media platform of itself). In light of that, Marvel has a lot of dough riding on new superhero projects, and already stopped dealing with Netflix. We won't get a chance to see new Marvel Superheroes and also their fantastic journeys on Netflix anymore. You can pull the plush over Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist A.K.A Defenders!

Defenders will be resting for forever on Netflix (Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist)

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