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In The Eye Of Fate: The Fatal Salute Incident

In The Eye Of Fate: The Fatal Salute Incident
In The Eye Of Fate: The Fatal Salute Incident

Whether an individual dreams that he is going to die in a particular condition and then takes care to stay away from that situation, of course, we have, absolutely no means of knowing whether the warning was incorrect or if fate is cheated. Occasionally, however, fate provides a warning after which refuses being cheated. An evening contained July 1750 Robert Morris, Sr., the dad on the Robert Morris that was able the monetary matters of the American Revolution, dreamed which he will be murdered by cannon flame via a naval ship he was visiting.

The dream made him very nervous he was persuaded to panel the vessel just through the captain's promise no guns will be fired till he was safely back on land. The visit was made, and also at the conclusion of its, the captain gave directions that no salute be fired till he signaled the rowboat had returned Morris easily to shore. But even though the motorboat was nonetheless inside of a variety of the ship's gun, a fly settled about the captain's nose, and also he thoughtlessly nurtured the hand of his to clean it out. This gesture was considered as an indication that the salute ought to be fired, therefore it was. A fragment on the blast struck Morris and also wounded him fatally.

Source: Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, April 1970, p.193)

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