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If Necessary We're Here For The Horror Lovers

Updated: May 18, 2021

Let's talk about the dark. I don't mean just the creepy, old, evil dark that reaches out, grabs you and chokes you until you're airless, lightheaded, and confused; or the dark that gets you when you're reading a horror novel or watching a gory film. No, I'm talking about the sort of limbo dark in which you can't tell what's out there or where it is because your imagination hasn't made up your mind. 

The darkness I'm talking about is, however, situated in a place, a playground, in your mind. It might be dark now but when you start reading, watching a film, or reading fear a reflex action kicks in, the tarmac lightens to grey, and the places, people and monsters appear. You can't stop them. They're within you, your's to cope with, perhaps pamper, but certainly not control.

And that's the excitement of fear; not knowing what an author or film maker will throw at you next, discovering that you can be awestruck, or horrified without having to go through physical pain or darkness.

That's the fun of fantasy, the suspense of horror, and the reason for fear's existence. We're here to provide you with everything you need to enjoy - - yes, I said enjoy - - the fantasy, horror and science fiction genres. We're not here to gross you out with explicit violence - - we leave that to other websites - - but we won't shy away from covering event and films pictorially.

Neither will be silent when the genres' creative people take a senseless bashing, as seems to be the case these days. When the critics from national press, television and social media hammer our genres without reason, we are here to the strike a balance.  In case of need, never be hesitate to make contact with us horror lovers. 

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