How I Learned to stop worrying and love these Corona Times

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Being a paranoid survivalist was way easier just back in a few weeks. Thousands of people we have lost just in a few weeks. Because of the virus. Now for all of us busy with a new kind of monster. This monster now among us. It has a bloody name called Corona. Back then it was all acute black and white scenarios like, say, thermonuclear war. Cut and dried, simple and straightforward. You're either vaporized or you're THE POSTMAN in a Costner way.

As a kid, I always wanted the apocalypse to come, so my life could be like Fallout. Today, not so much. Today the problems are fuzzy, poorly understood, and chronic. We're all in the Quarantine: the virus reality that sits between the normal days and the dark post-apocalyptic wastes with the corona virus, poisoned breaths. And now super-mutants can be joined us with their nifty leather jackets. It's the soul-crusher of a place and a time everything is stacked against you.

Where everything is slowly going to hell, but the government is still about to squeeze you for taxes. The feces in the fan's another color today. Sure, we still worry to extent about the corona virus, and each everyday more people whom we have been lost. All those dystopic and cyberpunk books of the 80's? Damn virus; Corona let me think of something. We have Taser shrapnel artillery shells, mini-helicopters with full-auto shotguns, pricking pain beams. There are cyborg insects. Psych meds in the water. Economic meltdown. Brain-scanners probing your inner soul for unpermitted thoughts. People with artificial limbs barred from the Olympics cause they are too good. Online addiction camps beating on kids to the death. Rumblings of a coming world government. Mind-boosting drugs pooped by college students like candy. Wars being fought and won by coldhearted kill-bots. Covert cyber-fronts opening up between nations, agencies, corporations, and who-knows-what. Elections and revolutions are winterizing (thanks to tweets by twitter) in a real time. Shadowy armies running amok in battle theaters domestic and foreign. Virtual reality with countless junkies in participation and markets that rival those of medium countries. Scientists lifting up the skirts of God's creation and redefining what it means to be human.

Go ahead, convince me that this is not Cyberpunk! In short, there's plenty of stuff to mess us up great. You may not have thought of it but I am absolutely convinced that the numero uno survival problem we face today is the new kind of virus in our character. As in, keeping from going absolutely batshit insane. The constant overload of information that we find it harder and harder to make sense of ensures that there's no lack of pins jabbing in our souls. We get no release, that rain of the virus never comes.

There are just crime, taxes, making love to your right hand, chems in your bodily fluids, and one more season American Horror Story to watch. We're frogs and the water is getting warmer. A lot of individuals believe me; we live that an old order is about to be toppled and we're currently living in an age of strife. Some try to get away from the modern sick world and unplug. That works, but you have to discover a way to navigate the straits of cyberpunk if you want to do more than survive, if you would like to thrive. That is where we come in. Why is it that we would like to survive? What's it all for?

The answer is basically what it always was: to live the good life. The bad news is that there is no one telling us what means anymore. People have stopped believing in God. Politicians have turned into uninspiring bean-counters. The media is a hysteric joke. And the school system indoctrinates you to be a good little fit in the lifestyle of semi-skilled white-collar slavery. Faced with this, people try to drown out the void with idle consumerism and approval-seeking conformity. Like Joshua Lederberg: The single biggest threat to man's continued dominance on the planet is the virus.

The good news is that the capable individual has more options than ever before. The paradoxical thing is that while this is eminently true, the effect on the masses has been one of increasing conformity and group-think.

So, the top end of the game is even more accessible these days. It takes an open mind and a wide array of skills, however. This is why you're going to see us run all kinds of materials, including modern survivalism, entrepreneurship, productivity and time management, various forms of hacking not limited to the digital realm, tactical ops, superhuman buffness and strength through optimum training & nutrition, the latest in IQ-boosting and life-extending research chems, how to make true friends and get hot chicks to fawn over you, the art of chilling out amid the constant worries and stress and info overload, and all kinds of other useful skills and tricks that you will be able to put to good use to get through the coming times, strange as they will prove to be.