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Genesis of a new world war has turn into an epidemic war, and the mankind is fighting against it now

It’s a mistake to believe in any dogmatic politics. Politics is just a facade. It happens to suit the vested interests of a lot of different groups in society to encourage a belief that politics runs countries and decides their destinies when, infact, it doesn't at all. Certainly not in the way people are led to believe. Politics is just a convenient charade to allow people to feel secure. It makes them believe society is in their own control. They vote for their leaders, therefore they must choose them. Politics is just a convenient charade to make people feel secure. To feel that its all run consciously, democratically, that they understand what is happening.

If I have to open up the parenthesis about the dirty world of politics;

There are different treatment theories about the corona virus today. Some politicians are extremely busy with the get attention. Now they sell us lots of hope about virus. But on the other hand these guys are hiding the money from us and also they expect to donation from us for the help. As a citizen we have responsibilities for each other, supporting our countries and humankind is a must. I totally agree on that. But I don't understand the disrepancy in politics. What we have to think about world of politics? Are they care the public health or the money? At this point we have a duty as citizens. We must follow closely all the actions and discourses of our political leaders to the finest detail. Instead of being prepared for the negative consequences that affect us, we should be inquisitive.

We Politicans can't be so trusted. Todays world leader can't be Atatürk, Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln. But todays leaders are very good at with the different dogmas and they argue over these in public and then the public choose who seems most sensible and capable to take office at at any given time. Don't believe that at all.

We believe that there has been an endless process since very early tribal limes, through settlements and towns and industrialization to contemporary times. This we call the control process and it exists independently of any individuals. This control process can be operated by almost any ve. led interest group at any given time in history. This process docs not lake sides, has no morality, no obligations, no character, no sense of urgency. The control process is always present. ’ Control needs time like a junky needs junk. H (William S.Burroughs)

We disagree on that control transcends time and space. Control eats people, eats history, eats ideals, eats hope. It goes on right throughout lime whatever disguise il might have. We are very antagonistic to the whole concept/situation of ultimately being controlled by a process which nobody wants (given a degree of individual sanity). We don't like that idea at all. If we have any enemy at all then the Control Process is that enemy. It is vital to short-circuit that control process. It is a very invisible, public process. In a sense it has become a part of each human being s metabolism. The only real way this control process can be broken is simply through people beginning to mature.

As the level of maturity of individuals increases so does their ability to think for themselves, to accept responsibilities. to make decisions. In a sense to develop an atmosphere of reasonableness and logic. Most people don't want to develop this for quite fair reasons, they don't want to gel involved. It’s a hell of a big battle and you cant even be sure who is in charge. For all they know they might be doing exactly what they are already programmed to do, because any control process needs antagonism, it needs people fighting against it. Its biggest strength is the controls information.

Basically the power in this world rests with the people who have access lo the most information and also control that information. Most of the paranoia concerned with politics is about what is really going on, what is secret, what we are not being told about. Diplomacy is about that really.

So, the enemy is the control process and the power of the control process isn't actually armies and police, il isn't power through force. That is a secondary lactic, not the crucial thing. The real power is whose got the information. The weakness of whoever controls that information bank at any given time is that to store and use that information, systems have to be developed for storing it and reproducing it. These systems are very expensive and cumbersome, requiring capital equipment which cant be utilized the whole time. So to cover costs and keep equipment running these systems have to be made available to the rest of us to keep them financially viable.

That’s why you can gel access to cable TV, to computer time, to xerox, instant printing and cassette recorders, even the mail, polaroids loo, and video. These are all spin-offs from business, conglomerates and people at the top who deal directly in control. They develop these systems for their own reasons, but they are so expensive they have to mass produce them to finance them. So we all gel easier and easier ways to multiply our ideas and information, it’s a parallel progression.

Also, another of their weaknesses, those who control control, is that they have a very one directional view whereas we, the outsiders, the genetic terrorists , or control agents as we in T.G. call them (Meaning not that we’re into control but dealing with it), we have the mutant ability to make conceptual leaps. Which is really what is said about creative people, or artists, or talented criminals, that they can perceive things in a wide spectrum, from outside they can analyze structures, play games with that knowledge and manipulate it, throw it back. So we get tools to increase the efficiency of our mischief as a spin-off from the controllers. In return they get something from us.

We are always developing ideas which are non-linear and therefore outside their scope but which they can adopt and adapt. In a crisis it is often an outsider who sees a solution, invents a new gadget, effects a compromise.

So it’s a two way thing. Each side giving things to the other as a direct result of their intrinsic conflict. Ultimate irony and also organically cyclical and sensible. Parasite feeding off host, host kept alive by immunity afforded it by parasite. The control protest develops machinery, equipment and techniques which we can play with for our own ends. But by us playing with them, inevitably, there is a spin-off philosophical and creative progression, an analysis of experience which can then be taken back by the control process for its own ends. We need this system as a target, a stimulus outside ourselves to fight against, and the system needs a rebellious questioning minority to develop new possibilities from a flexibility of view it can never possess by its very rigid nature. It seems likely however, that very, very slowly this minority is growing. More people are breaking taboos, they have realized through people telling them, in leaflets, on TV, etc, in other words through information being made available, that they have certain rights, that they can question things, they can organize, they can set up their own structures. That is not to say necessarily that all those things are per se right but it does seem symptomatic of a larger breakdown of this control process than many people might suspect. And it probably explains the swing towards repressive ideas in politics to cover a growing fear of usurpation by those presently in change of the process and its information bank.

''I sense much fear in you.

Fear is the path to the Dark Side.

Fear leads anger.

Anger leads to hate.

Hate leads to suffering.

Anger. Fear. Aggression. The Dark Side are they.

Easily they flow, quick to to join you in a fight. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will.

''How am I to know the good side from the bad?'' you ask.

You will know when you are calm, at peace. Passive.

In the end, cowards are those who follow the dark side.'' - Yoda

In these strange times we shouldn't forget two things;

1- Governments and politicians don't have any ability to protect us, unless their citizens give power to their nations (So the votes must go to fair ones always)

2- On our quarantine days we have to open our eyes widely and admit to ourselves that on any race, ethnic, and beliefs; we're the same, we are all brothers and sisters. It's time to be united!

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