Deep Dark Fears, Hallucinations, Sickness and The Jinn


The term jinn in Arabic refers. As stated by the scholars of the language, there are distinct categories of jinn.

- When they cite the jinn in terms that are general, they use the word Jinni.

- If the jinn is one of the people that reside in homes with people, they call him 'Aamir (dweller), the plural of that is' Umar.

- When the jinn is just one of people that interact with children, then they call them Arwaah (spirits).

- he's a Shaytan When the jinn is wicked then. (the devil)

- If he's worse than this, they phone him Madrid. (demon)

- If that is not worse than him and is strong, they phone him Ifrit, the plural of which is Afreet.

People's beliefs regarding the jinn vary. A number of them deny that they exist in any way, and a few discuss the significance of the term jinn without verifying they exist, and also a few misinterpret the significance of the words jinn and Shaitans (devils) in ways which are not Islamically acceptable.

The jinn is believed from by all countries, and they have stories that could take too long to tell. Nobody denies the existence of the jinn except several tiny groups of dumb philosophers and doctors and their ilk. In terms of the elite of the individuals, it's narrated that they believed in the jinn or no opinion was narrated from them concerning the matter...

Assessing the topic of the jinn is among the most challenging of subjects, particularly since it's to do with finding out about a world that is not observable and can't be quantified in empirical or physical conditions.People have different ideas in their minds concerning the jinn which vary in accordance with their culture, individual nature and level of education. There are stories that the people inform one another about the jinn in deserts and the villages, where fraud, witchcraft and charlatanry are prevalent. The people, young and old, educated and uneducated, female and male, have something to say about their globe and the jinn. There's not anyone I spoke to whilst collecting information about what people consider the world of the jinn, that did not give me a great deal of information.

People's beliefs concerning the jinn came from many resources. Some stem from primitive beliefs which grew from people's dread of natural forces. Some are a manifestation of individual ideas and desires. From the info that I gathered, I found that there was consensus among both the common people and the ones among them the jinn exist. This belief goes along with what Islam teaches, but the common people speak of the world in good detail and with a lot of information, for which no authority has been sent down by Allah. They talk as if they can see that world as clear as day.

The majority of those whom I met believe from the jinn, and they think it is possible to see them and they can take on several different forms, the most common of which are the kinds of a huge snake, a black cat, a black dog or a sheep. But curiously stated that when a jinn takes on form, his toes remain in the form of goat feet.

There's also a consensus that the jinn are terrified of wolves, and they can't seem in wolf form. A lot of people feel that wolves possess electricity over the jinn whenever they look in bodily form and are able to attack and devour them. They believe that the jinn flee out of the scent of wolves. A few of those whom I met in remote mountain villages like to wear an amulet containing something be it a bone, a tooth, a hair or a piece of skin.

Among many people there is also a fear of the jinn and of mentioning their name. When they wish to speak of the jinn, you detect them saying with fantastic fear,"Bismillah (in the Name of Allah)."

Sometimes if an individual develops a backache for which no medical explanation can be found, ultimately, he decides that it is due to the jinn taking revenge on him; he must have annoyed or hurt the jinn without understanding, so the jinn struck him onto his back in revenge.

Similarly especially those who interact with all the jinn. The common people consider that a very long life lives. Some of them are sure the jinn live for thousands of years, and they encourage this view by saying that their fathers and grandfathers used to summon the same jinn they summon...

Many individuals believe it is likely to subjugate the jinn and utilize them to fulfill with their requirements by using talismans, spells and burning incense.

They also classify people that belong to Allah and those who belong to the Shaitan or the jinn, dividing them into groups such as inferior and superior. Each category has its own type of talisman and incense and might be used for specific purposes. So the jinn could possibly be used for good intentions, whereas the inferior jinn be used to make division and enmity among people, to make harmony and love among people. Just as the jinn divide into the superior and inferior, so too the jinn is divided by them into classes according to their tasks and colors. So you will find jinn, jinn that is black and reddish jinn, also there are jinn who fly, jinn who traveling under water and jinn who cross the deserts and wildernesses.

I still remember many of the stories that we used to hear when we were little, in the night gatherings in the village. These tales spoke of the jinn and the way they'd seem to the people and take on different types as they wandered through the streets of their village in the kind of animals, little children and rabbits.

There was one story that was, about a guy who had been working in his field one night, when somebody came and offered to assist him. His offer was accepted by the man, but after a while the farmer looked at the feet of the man and saw that they were the feet of a donkey. He did not cease until he reached the village's border and begins running. In the edge of the village, he met another man who began to reassure him and asked him what was the thing, so he told him what had occurred in the area, and he said a jinn had seemed to him whose feet were as the feet of a donkey. The man said to him:"Like my feet," and that he looked and saw the man had the feet of a donkey...

The frequent folk also feel that when a man is murdered in revenge in most regions of Upper Egypt in which this custom is prevalent as they are not ruled in accordance with that which Allah has revealed - afterward an Ifrit appears from the place where he's been killed. In reality these tales are widespread. These false beliefs find fertile soil due to the lack of proper Islamic wisdom and comprehension of Tawhid and sound 'Aqidah, where witches, fortunetellers, charlatans and worshippers of the deceased are prevalent, as the result of people's ignorance of Islamic teachings as well as the devils' toying with people's minds.

The jinn may cause different kinds of harm and sickness impacting relations with studies or others, their psychology, moods, body, wealth, possessions, and business. The sicknesses that we are going to discuss may occur either because of the human being overpowered by the jinn, or because of witchcraft.These sicknesses include the following:

Intense fear, nervous and psychological diseases, bodily sickness, hallucinations, waking up hatred between individuals, female diseases (infertility, heavy bleeding and menstrual irregularities, infections) , sexual problems (impotency, premature ejaculation), tampering with and causing damage to homes and material possessions.

There are two facets to fear caused by the jinn, one which is right and one that is incorrect. The correct part is to note that there are some jinn who can overpower humans and make them hear voices and see things, and believe that somebody is after them and makes them fearful inside their own homes. The aspect is the fear of the jinn that's deeply rooted in men and women. There's nothing to warrant such fear from an Islamic perspective. Hence, we will summarize the reasons why individuals have developed fear at the mention of the jinn, then we will have the ability to put our finger on the issue and discover the remedy.

Source: The Jinn and Human Sickness by Smirma Si