Dark Dreams

Dark dreams beneath my skin

the bones stretch and crack

in splintered shafts of pain

as bent double

in the searing red mist

i feel the hunger deep within

and with the final vestige

of an earlier time

feel too the deep revulsion

against such a dread sweet hunger

but then the hunt

fills my senses and my sight

my nostrils quivering

in the soft wet air

of another lunar pattern

and my feet

now strangely strong and quiet

mark their own rhythm on my flight

past sleeping houses and their dreams

of sad and petty tomorrows

until on the corner

where concrete kisses the open spaces

and the dull yellow lights

fade into velvet calm

i raise my head

fangs glinting like silver

and howl my passage to a darker world

then turning

slope hungrily into the night

as all my dreams of life

turn slowly

into the cool red taste of death

and my sweet dreams

slide gently into the dark depths

of your now troubled rest

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