Danny Elfman said 'It's supposed to be the last year for The Simpsons''.

The world's longest-running and most prosperous cartoon series, "The Simpsons," may be on the brink of extinction. This is announced by the composer of this title song, Danny Elfman (66).

In a podcast interview with the Irish news-portal JOE, Elfman says that the time is ripe for Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. "I really don't know whether it's fixed, but what I've heard is it's supposed to be the last year of The Simpsons," that the 66-year-old said. This would mean that for a very first time since 1989 there will be no new episodes of this popular US animated series.

That's from one of The Simpsons ''Treehouse of Horror Episodes''

At the last 30 decades, nearly 700 episodes have been produced in 31 seasons, in addition to the successful film "The Simpsons -- The Movie" was released in 2007. However, there was repeated criticism of the yellowish family from Springfield.

The Simpsons ''SOPRANOS'' look like fan poster

Die-hard fans of this show state that the Simpsons has strayed a bit from the first course in recent decades. In the meantime, there are also assumed to be a lot of "bad episodes". Nevertheless, the long-term success of the series is not to be trivialized.

Danny Elfman "After I composed the title music, I believed that no one would hear it. I wouldn't have given the series a chance in my wildest performances."

In the start, it had been by no means sure whether the animation would triumph. The composer Danny Elfman was also surprised the Simpsons hit such as this:"After I composed the title music, I believed that no one would hear it. I wouldn't have given the series a chance in my wildest performances." The Simpsons is in its 31st season, which makes it the longest-running animated series.

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