Comics world traces its publishing history back to 1930's nonetheless the mythology that connects to literally tens of thousands of characters and comics collectively now moves from the Big Bang at the end of time itself!

However, after a while, the interrelatedness of tales and characters from one book to another threatened to become so complex that readers could not tell the players and their worlds without a scorecard! Irregular "reboots" of personalities by new creative teams wanting to place their own stamp on their favorite lie roes only added to the confusion.

80's COMIC BOOK COLLECTION! - Happy Console Gamer

From the mid- 1980s, the PC believed the problem was getting out of hand and a new storyline was introduced, the Crisis on Infinite Earths to limit the characters and action to the earth and one deadline, DC also reintroduced its upper characters to a new generation. Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's Batman: Year One, George Perez and Greg Potter's Wonder Woman and John Byrne's Superman loudly advised readers to forget the past. As seen in the Superman: Birthright series, Ever since then, some of those reinventions have been modified. And the Universe obtained a sprucing up a 2004 mini-series Identity Crisis. From now on you will be find on here; the DC Universe and Marvel Comics' character pasts, abilities, and personalities for our upcoming contents and categories. We'd have loved to include every D.C. and Marvel characters have some significance, however, this was impossible. We have chosen well over one thousand of DC and Marvel's greatest heroes, villains, every one illustrated by excellent Marvel and DC artists, and team-ups. So, if you can't find a popular weird little character from way back when, we hope these packaged pages will offer you a lot in the way of compensation, celebrating, as they do, over 80 years of fun, excitement, and comic book history.

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