Daily Strange's Wicked Wednesday: A Psychic Rainy Season

It began one October day in 1963, when the Francis Martin family of Methuen, Massachusetts, noticed a damp patch appearing on the wall of their TV room. They were puzzled, because it was too mild for pipes to freeze and burst. In a few moments they were more astonished than puzzled: there was a popping sound, and suddenly a spout of water burst from the wall.

After several days of popping sounds and mysterious fountains of water (the flows usually lasted about 20 seconds and were occurring every 15 minutes or so in various places), the Martin's house was so much a wash that they moved into the home of Mr. Martins mother-in-law in Lawrence, not far from Methuen.

Unfortunately, the water gremlin pursued them to Lawrence, and in a short time five rooms in the mother-in-laws place were drenched too. The deputy fire chief was asked to investigate, and the house was checked for leaky pipes; there were none. One official, Deputy Mains, was present when a jet of water burst through a plaster wall and shot two feet into the room. He also heard the curious popping sound.

Rather than inflict their problem on his mother-in-law, Francis Martin decided to return with his wife and daughter to their home in Methuen. This time the water supply was turned off at the main, and the pipes were drained. There was no diminution of the eerie spouts, gushes, and floods of water. Once again the house became unlivable, and once again the Martins returned to Lawrence. Again the water gremlin followed them.

In time the watery assaults on the Martin family gradually came to an end. The Martins never did discover how gallons of water could jet from the dry plaster walls of their house or what kind of aqueous spirit had pursued them to Lawrence; nor could they account for the gradual cessation of the phenomena. For a while, it seemed, a kind of psychic rainy season had come upon them and then, as seasons do, had simply passed away.

Source: (D. Scott Rogo, The Poltergeist Experience, pp.185-86)