Daily Strange Editorial: Here's The Upcoming Stories Announcements

Daily Strange Editorial: Here's The Upcoming Stories Announcements

As visitors of my previous websites will know, and new visitors are about to find out, I compile my brand-new platform ''DAILY STRANGE'' with the aim of presenting only those stories that are both good and rare. I avoid like the plague those well known tales that have been used again and again which, while of excellent quality, are continually rammed down the poor old macabre enthusiast’s throat. Readers of ghost and horror stories—and there are none more faithful—will know from bitter experience the situation of being faced with a ‘new’ anthology, in which perhaps half the stories will already be in their possession, in other books.

The unfairness of this does not just extend to being forced to see the same old stuff again and again. To obtain those other stories they do not have, means paying today’s book prices (which are no joke) and getting what amounts to half the value of their money. They may rest assured that ''DAILY STRANGE'' contains only rare stories, either previously unpublished or else out of print for many years. It is obviously impossible to read everything, of course, but I have seen none of these tales anywhere, apart from their original publication.

I have cast my net fairly wide for this collection. There are tales included from established authors in the genre, others not so well known, and some just completely ignored. One or two stories are from authors more famous in other fields, and their efforts at macabre fiction will come as a pleasant surprise to you.



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