Daily Melancholic: When the life comes to you..... ''The Thinking Thing Mystery''

Life comes or whither it goes, these stay the mystery; but that it's improved fulness, and it is, we know -- as certain there is the firmament above us. At the back of all, away from the myriads of years, this wondrous thing we call Life essayed from the very first to discover a lamp where its flame might burn most brightly.

Life sought to meet itself. Balked from the rigidity of stones, it created for itself a dwelling-place in the forms of plants; baffled by plant strains which it generated for its lamp it dived to the ooze, at first attached to a place, slowly freeing its habitation into moving forms. Baulked by seas, it advanced from the fish in the seas into the reptile which could move on land or sea; and for eons, in types of reptiles that were powerful, it sought a pride of itself. Baulked it evolved for itself the types that may fly in the atmosphere; and it took the flight of birds. Baulked again, however in every endeavor finding ever fuller and higher forms wherein to sense itself, it evolved for itself that the kinds of creatures, essayed fleetness of foot, stamina, majority, ferocity; constructed for itself the lithe forms of great cats, and essayed to fulfill itself in the brutal and ruthless ferocity of the tiger and the lion. Baulked fuller feeling in the agile bodies of apes was turned and sought by Life. At last, out of the mystical ways, the eager Life that is at the crux of all present items, evolving from stage to stage a fitting habitation wherein to dwell -- and, so further to meet itself, requiring initial create itself a newer and more ideal lamp wherein to fire -- on a day finds its ultimate habitation at a wondering creature that drops from its apelike habits in the trees, also using the ungainly straddle on business earth, takes its vertical stand upon tentative hind legs -- falteringly, hesitatingly, ready to drop on all fours in a stumble -- replicating itself forth as the Man -- the Thinking Thing.

Life's cunning, with increase of Cunning, notes that the land use and the value of the wondrous thumb that are on the hand to grasp, to throw, to hold. That Cunning that would be to become Reason in the blinking thing that thinks; this Thumb that, together with the mind's Cunning for guidance, is to chip tools and weapons in the Flint, also give confidence for this naked, defenseless being, and direct him forth out of his lair in the thicket along with the cave out into the open strife which, for the body's sustenance and welfare; with pitfall and with gin, would be to put to naught the lion's strength, the wolf's tooth, the wild boar's fury, so that Man will wrap the skins of these about him against the frost's nipping cold, also use their hides to rescue his toes from wounds; that is to attack fire from the whirled wood along with the chill flint to deliver warmth to him at the chattering winter, and contribute to the potter's craft, whereby also the planet's metals will yield their ductile power to his further enfranchisement; that is to break the puppy and oxen along with the horse to his bidding and service, and to collect flocks and herds he could roam the pastures of this world; also, the wander-years being performed, which is to fashion the plow whereby he shall settle the land and until the ruddy ground and gather in the harvest of her increase into his body's nutrition; that would be to invent the distaff and the spinning wheel and the loom into the weaving of cloth and fabric; that is to achieve the making of the fisher's web; that would be to attract the vast wide world tributary to him -- both the components along with the brutes, the valley and the plain, mountain and rock, the stream and the raging seas, so the beautiful eye of Man shall see the stars that a myriad leagues beyond the eagle's ken, his ability of transit make the swiftness of antelopes a sluggard's speed, his calculating hands to cage the power of several horses in the machinery's intricacies. Life, the miracle! These things being so, what enormous hopes lie in Man's forward adventure!

If Life, building itself this type of palace wherein to dwell, shall have attained thereto through the eons by its wayfaring from plant and insect and reptile, and fish and fowl, throughout the brutes, to the high estate that shall be so boring a dolt as not to have a vision of a more wondrous habitation that shall be Beyond-Man from the eons to come? Nevertheless, there are people of narrow a vision that they'd deny that the wayfaring and deny the Beyond, thinking Man the greatest lamp as every lamp in the creating accounted itself, did it believe in any way, since the lamp -- really, every lamp, however modest, was a wonder. However, Life goes on -- and it's striving and the urge and intention of Life, its mighty quest, and it is All, it shall build towards the fullest experience of self-experience. The worlds will roll on and pass into dust -- the years will pile them into eternity -- but Life is going to be forever. When they can't hold the fire to light the wayfaring its lamps have been flung down, worn out, discarded; but new lamps are still wrought --, and more -- newer. For Life has to be fulfilled to some function that was more majestic and bigger; and the wayfaring is towards greater heights.

Today, mark this well! Growing upwards, life evolves, always towards a kind that it might know the rise a bigger feeling, of fulfillment. In the same time it doesn't fully discard but persists in, its prior forms of the lamp, the types degrading as they drop from forward endeavor, even, of such as they may understand in their forms and becoming subject to the bigger types -- or perhaps dying out entirely if desperately assailed. And were well to dwell on this; for, as sure as there's a to-morrow, so definitely do those people who stop to fulfill exactly what life holds for it, pass one of the slave-folk and become subject to master strains, and is thrust into the waste places of the earth. Life, which proceeds to make the greater lamp in which to flame discards the being that shrinks from satisfaction. Mark well another fact -- a most important fact -- for these are evident facts, not guessing! Person, the thinking matter, from his lair in the thicket along with the cave, raised his strength in the close-. He forgathered to the valley councils; thence further enhanced fellowship in the village, uniting his ability and strength together with the skill and strength of the others, until he had the potter's skill bartered his skill with him that had the warrior's skill in conflict, and he had the builder's ability bartered with them and together with him who had the metal-worker's skill; and consequently and hence the trades, and crafts arose, to the mutual strengthening of those; so electricity and increase of the fullness of Life, departure by the uncontrolled fellow of the cavern and the lake into the wandering tribe, passed therefrom to the settled village and from them that dwelt their narrow day at villages into them that forgathered within the stout walls of the populous city -- by the city to the State, which crumbled town's walls, grown inadequate against the power of States; from the State to the mighty Commonweal of the race that is fenced about, to its uttermost frontiers, from the vast bulwarks of its fearless spirits.

As a consequence, as Life fulfills itself towards fuller power and expertise in pushing forward to know the fullest sensing, the very simple set of this nude lowering thing which, with reduced, frowning brow, brooded upon the but scant desires as well as the mean wants of his narrow cave, afforded a larger converse that demanded a fuller selection of words in the valley's gatherings; address which subsequently acquired a fuller gamut in the village of argument; this in turn brought forth the richer communion of the orchestral city's multitudinous voice; which in time passed into the twilight of discarded things, giving birth to the broader squares of the State; until even the speech of this State, increased parochial, fades and gradually dies, and in dying gives place to the profound, August, far- reaching communion of this Race. We're coming, then, to the: that Life, to fulfill itself, has guided the body of man as its supreme lamp to flame; that life pushes, unceasingly, unwittingly towards the additional refining of such a lamp as will permit it to flame most fully. What type the Master folk that are outside shall take is concealed from us; but it's written upon the wall for everyone to read that Life shall know the fullest experience and will build a habitation where to live in the fullest fashion -- that Man shall so attempt he will give The Life the fullest experience or must pass amongst the lesser strains -- there's not any resting, no halting place -- which it is not for man to locate mastery by return but by advocating forward -- that backwards striving is but mimicry of the deceased, and means death. The publication of Destiny is not written in the Past but must be torn from the Future by adventuring that was forward. Now, what is this prodigious and overpowering college whereby Man was raised above the brutes and set in predominate over them? It's apparent in evolving Man as its ultimate attempt to bring on the lamp to fire, Life in Man has thereby arrived above the brutes by some faculty members that is denied to the brutes. It wasn't by courage, since the brutes have as sublime courage as him; nor strength, nor by bulk, nor ferocity, nor by ruthlessness, nor so on, since such were allowed to the brutes in prosperity in common with man. Really, these characteristics could be utilized to that Brotherhood which has led guy in the barbarous and attracted him to predominate over things. We've seen that man arose from the marriage above the brutes, by nothing but marriage; as he will rise by nothing, and union, but the union. One faculty awarded to guy and denied to the brutes stand out explicit and clear: that faculty has the power to commune with their fellows' intelligence and to eventually become partakers in their intelligence. Obviously, this faculty of smart communion has become the most important and significant factor in the onward and up's experience of Man. In what manner has it been allowed to us to commune with our fellows? On the response depends upon our significance as men above the brutes -- our importance whether we will reach to further heights.