Daily Dark: The Legend of the Wild Hunt

Daily Dark: The Legend of the Wild Hunt

The legend of the Wild Hunt with deadly consequences because of its beholders is just another historical superstition, which can be considered to have originated in Anglo-Saxon times. It was often thought that anybody who beheld the Wild Hunt, could immediately be hauled into a foreign territory, which if that individual were reckless enough to tackle the Huntsman himself, the results will almost surely be dire and probably fatal. Because of this, Christianity becoming the recognized religion of this land, lots of the ancient gods were demoted to the status of mere devils, and the function of the Huntsman was identified that of Satan himself.

In some regions that the huntsmens' horses seem to have transformed themselves 'headless' horses, frequently with a headless motorist, forcing a ghost coach. Again we're confronted with the part of 'heedlessness'. Could this be an instance of the success of the Celtic beliefs, or is it a long-forgotten Folk memory of an early sacrificial ritual between decapitation. Occasionally it's been stated that the saying 'headless', was a misnomer for 'heedless', particularly where the driving rates of those spectral Coachmen were worried. Shortly after the orthodox theological concept of a live devil began to recede the identity of this Huntsman was occasionally merged to this of a National Hero, like the freebooter Sir Francis Drake, whose ghost coach can be alleged to have been driving furiously throughout the wild and rocky heath property of Dartmoor, at the South Western County of Devon.

Deep in the center of Dartmoor is to be located one of its most haunted places, which for this day is called ''Wishtman's Wood''. Here could be seen early trees dispersing into all kinds of grotesque shapes, while rising from moss-covered granite boulders, so outdated they should have witnessed the beginning of our island's history. From this dreaded place that the dreadful Wisht Hunt may at times be observed at midnight, headed by the Devil or even Dewer, as he's sometimes known everywhere. So dreadful are that if anybody sees them, they can't be expected to endure the year. Their immediate purpose is to search the souls of unbaptized infants, some stating that the hounds, themselves are these spirits, transformed to hellish shapes.

In precisely the same place, a genuine sentinel on watch over the centuries would be that the Amazing Hound Tor, a tor having a large rock or heap of stones, and stones sprinkled on the tops of mountains, as a consequence of primeval volcanic action and quite typical in Devon. It's said that the stones here resemble a bunch of hounds in full cry, but suddenly turned into rock. Space doesn't permit me to estimate additional examples, but there's lots of evidence to demonstrate that the legends of the Wild Hunt are still very much alive and have formed an essential characteristic in the lives of our ancestors, and had they had been passing fancies, they wouldn't have nobly withstood the ravages of time. Some purists within the area of Parapsychology may believe the topics dealt with in this article are insignificant, in which scientific investigations are involved, but allow them to remember the fact that lots of the instances of inexplicable happenings experienced nowadays, might well have their origins at the Folklore memories of yesterday.

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