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Cult Horror Movie Of The Week: Halloween IV The Return Of Michael Myers - 1988

Halloween IV The Return Of Michael Myers, 1988 Fan Art Poster

It's been seven years since Michael Myers has stalked and slashed his way across the screen, and in that time numerous imitations have come and gone. ''Halloween is still the father them all, said Moustapha Akkad. He was the Executive Producer of the entire series from first Halloween 1978 to Halloween Resurrection 2002 totally 8 Michael Myers movies. And After Moustapha Akkad died in 2005, his son Malek, following in his father’s footsteps with the Halloween new franchise Series as a ex the original, directed by John Carpenter and released in 1978, became a smash, taking in some $70,000,000 worldwide, and led to 1981 sequel. Two years after that, Halloween III: Season Of The Witch came out and was similar in title only. The Michael Myers storyline was abandoned in what Akkad says was '' a mistake''. We thought people might want to see something different than the first two. We were wrong. It was a crazy decision.''

Halloween IV: The Return Of Michael Myers Official Trailer

Now it's safe to say (or unsafe if you're one of the characters) that Michael Myers has returned home to Haddenfield, Illinois. Halloween IV: The Return Of Michael Myers (is due to) hit the screens in late October, rekindling a wave of terror and suspense that's often been imitated, but never equaled.

Michael is get ready to killing with his 3 fellows. Lol. That's a great scene

Whereas Halloween II picked up on the exact same night that the first one ended, IV jumps forward ten years. Gone is the Jamie Lee Curtis character Laurie Strode, the tormented babysitter of the first two films. It's explained that she's been killed in a car wreck, leaving only her nine-year-old daughter Jamie Lyloyd as the sole blood relative alive from the Myers clan. Of course that's good enough for old Mikey, who had survived the huge explosion at the end of II. For past decade, Michael laid comatose in a Federal institution for the criminally insane. Lying in a bed, swathed in bandages and with numerous I.V. tubes dangling from his arms, you know it's only a matter of time before he goes on a murderous rampage again.

Yes, that's the fourth one, ok we got it Michael. Lol :)

Bureaucratic procedures has made it necessary for Myers to be transferred to a State facility. The sleeping evil is about to awake. Despite pleas to notify Dr. Loomis, (a role reprised by a now-scarred and limping Donald Pleasence), Michael Myers is sent off under security to the State Hospital. The transfer occurs, appropriately enough, on the night before Halloween-- a fact not lost on the irate Loomis, who finally finds out about the transfer.

She has amazing courage to play hide and seek with Michael.

Knowing the pure evil that he's dealing with Loomis demands to find out the whereabouts of the van transporting Myers. Strangely enough, the van is two hours overdue. In hot pursuit, Loomis comes upon the scene of a crash and discovers the wrecked transport van. All of the attendants inside have been butchered. Amidst the brutal scene, someone is missing---Michael Myers.

She has skills like her uncle.

Realizing Michael's penchant for the citizens of his hometown, Loomis knows where his chase must lead. Along the way he finds more bloody results of Myers' marauding: the slaughter of everyone at a roadside diner and filling station. This time, however, Loomis also finds his quarry. He sees Myers and offers to exchange his life of potential future victims, but there's just no bargaining with a cold-blooded killing machine. Myers flees, but not before torching the gas station. The chase continues.

Is that a riffle? Sorry honey, Michael cannot bear such an insult!

Meanwhile, in Haddonfield we're introduced to the last link to Michael Myers, young Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris). Along with her foster sister Rachael (Ellie Cornell), she plans to go out trick-or-treating that night, unaware of the terror that awaits.

That's the original Halloween IV Movie Poster

Loomis finally reaches Haddonfield and wastes no time in alerting the local police about the escape of the town's most notorious citizen. Police Chief Meeker (Beau Starr) remembers what kind of party Michael threw at his last Halloween appearance ten years earlier, (First Original Halloween Movie made in the year, 1978 and Halloween IV is made in the year, 1988) and immediately announces a curfew over the TV an radio. Together with Loomis they, they go to Jamie's house, only to find out she's already left. The town, meanwhile, is thrown, into confusion over the curfew, and then into total darkness, as Michael knocks out the power by shish-kabobing a worker on a high tension electrode in the local power plant.

Michael Myers is a cold-blooded killing machine like a terminator. But I guess he might something say to her.

''Come with we if you wanna live!'' Lol. Don't you believe me then watch the movie again, fellows.

Donald Pleasence played as the doctor Sam Loomis

Loomis and Meeker are finally able to find Jamie and Rachael, taking them to Meeker's house, where they think they'll be safe. Of course, Michael Myers has other plans joining them in the house as an uninvited guest. The evening's just begun. . . .

See you until the next creepy post!

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