Adventures In Witchcraft by Whittier Fowles

I suppose like most men who call themselves educated, I came to the study of the occult with an air of vast superiority. Naturally, I didn't believe a word of anything I'd heard, or anything I read. It seemed foolish and ''superstitious.''

But now, after 20 years of deep and careful study, I admit freely that I've seen to much to scoff. Something exists that's beyond the ability of human beings to know. There isn't any question of that. Nor is there any doubt that somewhere in the vastness of space and time, a spirit of absolute evil is. That's fact.

It's also fact that there and again, some wisp of that spirit strikes mankind, without pity or mercy, without rhyme or reason. Call that spirit anything you wish. It doesn't matter. Among the numberless civilizations of this earth, at least a hundred names have been given to it. Which one is its real name, no mere mortal knows.

The big question is: Are there any human beings, men or women, who are actually in touch with that spirit of evil, who can direct its power, who can command it, even momentarily, or who can by some superhuman means read its desires and transmit its will?

I don't know. There may well be. I have seen, met, talked with and been given demonstrations by many who claim this power. Many of them, on investigation, have been frauds. But not all of them.

Here and there, people live or have lived whose ability in the transmission of evil has been too consistent to be called coincidence. Mind you, none of them have given that the power is theirs. But in at least twenty cases, the power has been used successfully in over 75% of their attempted demonstrations.

On that basis, while it cannot be said to be provable scientific fact, I personally believe that it is possible for human beings to weird occult powers. In short, there ARE witches; there are warlocks. And they can for the most part, do what they can for the most part, do what they say they can do.

I'm not talking about crude magic.I am talking about the ability to invoke the universal spirit of evil and force it to attack those whom they designate as victims, causing them to suffer unbelievable misery, on occasion, even death.

They also have the power to transmit strengths to those whom they name as beneficiaries.

Note that these witches and warlocks can do evil; they cannot do good. They can provide extra power to their followers, provided that power is directed to evil. They can provide nothing directed toward good.

They cannot protect themselves against retribution by their victims; but they can invoke revenge against those who harm them, revenge that continues even after the death of he or she who placed the curse.

Very few of these witches or warlocks understand the nature of their evil gifts. Some, however, who have analyzed carefully, do agree that this power is related to that most elusive of abstractions, the human soul. They claim the soul exists and it is the soul that is damned, not the body. It is the soul that is controlled, not the body. The greater the number of souls controlled, the greater the power of witch or warlock.

One physician who proved to have amazing witchcraft powers, claimed that this is the reason that sexuality is so potent in the occult. Each individual sperm cell of the male is potential human being. As such, it owns an unformed, potential soul. Since millions of such sperm cells are released in a single sex act, the number of souls controlled is enormous. Female witches who can indulge in sex with numerous males during an orgy of evil, literally control as many as a hundred million souls.

Blood too, is useful but to a far more limited degree. It serves as a symbol of life and by its destruction, the power of doom may enter a temple of evil to take possession of the souls being offered. The combination of blood and the human sperm is irresistible, it is claimed

I am not a member of any single group, though I have friends in most of them and correspondents in almost all of them. But I do believe, completely and absolutely, that regardless of sect, rite, method of worship, or personality of individual leaders, the ultimate power that is invoked is the same in Sumatra as in Haiti; the same in Transylvania as in Spain; the same in the United States as in Russia. In short, evil is power. And evil is universal. Only the human agents, the weakest link in the chain, are different. And that hardly matters at all

Written By Whittier Fowles, PH. D., Sc. D. Doctor of Occult Sciences

His follower Don Hubble, shared this with Whittier Fowles;

Dear Fowles:

I don't know if this an occult experience or not. But I believe it is and I'd like you to know about it. First of all I want to say that I do believe in witchcraft. I know it's true for the simple reason that my own wife has the power.

Years ago when I was in Vietnam, I was taken a POW. I was held in a cage with six other guys. On the third night in the cage, I had a very vivid dream. (My wife told me later she had the identical dream at the exact time. We worked out the time difference and it was exactly the same time) I dreamed I saw my wife and she hovered over the cage. When she saw my troubles, she informed me that as soon as I woke up, I could escape and that she'd lead me home again.

Sure enough when I woke up, I saw that the guard had forgotten to lock the cage securely when he put water inside for us. I told the other guys and immediately made a break.

Viet Cong gunners opened up on us as we ran Three of the guys were hit and killed on the spot. Two other fellows and me got away. But on the long trek back, one of the other men stepped on a bobby trap and was killed. The other fellow with me got the fever. I got along great. I had no trouble, no fever, nothing. Both of us reached US lines, but my pal died of his fever four day later in the hospital.

I am convinced my wife led me to safety through her powers, but the others being unprotected couldn't make it. My wife agrees with me. She says she offered a sacrifice for my my safety.

By Don Hubble, USA

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