A supernatural question: What is the difference between a ghost and a spirit?

Following some assembly or gathering when folks learn I'm a Spirit Communicator I'm frequently asked this interesting question, and from my experience I will only say there's none, at all. A Ghost is a benign entity that want before it could be published from presence here, to convey something, and have been trapped in the material realm by some context surrounding its passing. In the two instances I have observed both were before the conditions of the deaths were understood girls who'd been murdered and couldn't find peace. Many of these phenomena related to hauntings is the end result of sensitive folks picking up the wants and closing feelings of those religious entities and at times virtually glamorized them, inducing the fears and horrors of their last minutes of their lives. These religious entities are caught in a vicious circle, always reliving and broadcasting their pain and distress, desperately hitting and begging for assistance, they can frequently not comprehend why it doesn't arrive. Luckily, in both instances I said, I managed to create the religious entities recognize that they might continue to find justice from the Spiritual Realm in addition to the substance, and possibly their origin was better served as Spiritual entities, and helped them make the passing into this kingdom in which they belonged. There's a second kind of haunting, another kind of Religious entity I need to warn you around. They are dangerous Even though they are rarer than the kind and have to be taken care of. These are benign religious things, or. Demons, who aren't able to input the Spirit Realm they've caused others pain and distress that they, and since their lives have been unkind confront The Death. .The end of presence. They could only exist by drawing on the last piece of life from bodies that are perishing and residing in the areas from the material universe. All these are areas where animals and people have a tendency to perish, the causes of both the dark the violent hauntings and ones. Areas are not any joke, no location to play with games and should be approached with people in tackling happenings experienced. These aren't the children's games. Ghosts of either type are no laughing matter and may have a very disturbing effect on unprepared people with a sensitivity for their own phenomena. Beware, people that are superior one method areas using a prayer of seriousness and security, for a match is not being entered into by you.

By Gerald Polley