A Super Cult Horror; Outcast 1990 (Psychotronic Review)

Poor old Henry, a drunken slob, ruled by his own sadistic deacon stepfather who beats him regularly and continually ridiculed by his contemporaries, flees home after trying to torch his step-pa to death. But before leaving he's a strange encounter with a guy who shows him a few antiques and then mysteriously disappears.

Alone in the big city, Henry Is forced to scrounge, steal, and sleep rough just to survive... After getting a kicking from some friendly neighborhood cops he strikes up a friendship with a lot of thieves who trick him into doing their dirty job - he beats an old lady when robbing a shop, gets arrested and is sent to jail. 2 years later, in a drunken state he attempts suicide by stepping out In from a van but is 'saved' by the identical mysterious gent with the tattoos, who then proceeds to take Henry into a strange place, locks the door and leaves him to dry outside.

OUTCAST 1990 Movie Trailer

The stranger is in fact the Devil, and he offers Henry "the power over all men" - he must choose whether to follow the Devil or to go back to his normal existence.

After first resisting, Henry finally agrees to follow his savior' and accepts a'666' tattoo on his chest - he's currently the Antichrist and has the power to have a life or spare a life", he follows his own rules, the only thing he must never do is"create life"!!

With his new personality and his new outlook on "life" he sets out to take revenge on all the scum-suckers that wronged him in the past.

Henry ploughs through his hit-list with ease, which is leaving the police completely baffled regarding the cause. They become puzzled that they enlist the help of a psychic try and assist them.

Everything is going perfectly for Henry, He's gone from a worthless vagrant to a leading company executive -there is nevertheless an issue, he has failed to realize that he is about to become a father...

A fantastic little chiller that works pretty well, even if the lead actor does come across as a real jerk, and contains enough horrible moments and gruesome effects to keep the average gorehound's corpuscles bubbling - check this out: a pod-ball embedded within an eye;

A car running over a leg; self-inflicted sword consuming and some sucker slicing up his own groin with a chainsaw!! The script (written by the director) is a little on the weak side, and the ending is somewhat of a let down, however, on the whole, I found it quite lively and also an intriguing addition to the realms of the supernatural cinema.

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