A Scientific look at the Strange Theories and Anomalous Phenomena by Ron Klauber

Parapsychology is the scientific research of anomalous phenomena connected to the human mind. Regrettably, Parapsychology does not study many facets of Ufology, but maybe it needs to... Should Parapsychologists read more in the field of Ufology they'll then Start to Understand That There Are Lots of parallels between para-psychological and biological phenomena...

If a person looks into both areas of research then they are going to realize there are numerous similarities between both kinds of phenomena that I think is worthy of almost any parapsychologist studying. I'm a qualified professional parapsychologist and I'm also a skilled Ufologist and I'm interested very much interested in the UFO phenomenon as a scientific area of research, In fact there's much more scientific and overpowering signs than any other paranormal occurrence to imply that UFOs and alien things are actual if they're aliens of interdimensional! Should you start looking into instances involving para-psychological and Ufology then you realize that particular fields of parapsychological research and ufology may actually be one and the exact same phenomenon, depending on the belief system of this experience and witness, perhaps an external paranormal intellect manifests itself as a ghost or apparition to a single witness and an alien thing to another depending upon their religious or personal belief system?

You've reported Psychokinetic impacts across the individual who had a UFO experience manifesting poltergeist kind happenings around the house and precognition warnings about potential events. When a UFO experiencer has seen an alien thing, some beings are reported as nearly apparitional in character. The beings themselves also appear to generate a telepathic bond between the stated thing and witnesses who say that they can frequently contact the beings they're being abducted by or contacted. From the 1950s and 1960s, the alien contactee motion was rife with alleged men and women that were believed to maintain contact with alien monsters from another planet. In parapsychology that is referred to as clairvoyance adventures at which the psychic is thought to get in touch with the spirits of their deceased.

When an individual encounters an unknown alien abduction, they're believed to become paralyzed then appear to levitate via a tube of light to some UFO above, this looks remarkably like Out Of the Body encounters or Near Death Experiences in which a witness is thought to have travelled via a tube of light to the airplane where they've been proven to communicate with dead loved ones or friends. In the event of UFO abductions, they fulfill aliens. In case a watch never experienced psychic phenomena prior to using a UFO experience but did so following the episode, then parapsychologists are able to search for exactly what instigated the happenings at the first location.

Maybe the magnetic field of an individual was somehow changed which afterward generated psychic phenomena to happen (if its electromagnetic fields that incur paranormal happenings in the first place). There are also cases of people getting musical and artistic minded, and also individuals who become psychic partners, but never have proven these talents prior to a UFO experience. It's well worth the parapsychologist analyzing what occurred during a UFO event and why these physiological changes occurred to the individual as to trigger psychic disturbances.

On the street, a UFO is frequently seen. From the bedroom situation, the watch gets paralyzed and generally only able to move their eyes or head. On the street, the watch is generally discovered to be driving across the street with a lost-time episode. From the bedroom, the watch experiences small gray critters about 4ft (Ca. 122 cm) tall, and that can be seen to join the room, occasionally through walls additional times they're already there.

The watch is then levitated from bed to an awaiting UFO over and after that have medical procedures done on them. Later they wake up in bed with generally no memory of their night's occasion and occasionally they find little spade marks in their bodies, wondering where they obtained them from. Afterwards, they may remember strange fantasies about being the craft, and they might want to experience questionable regressive hypnosis to attempt to unlock the odd nights experience. This is the typical phenomenological qualities of a normal alien abduction case. However, are they being abducted by aliens or inter-dimensional beings? Or are you currently having a lucid dream connected with sleep paralysis?

Confabulation can frequently occur. But there are lots of reports of conscious recall of abduction encounters without hypnosis or numerous interviews, and also the part of false memory is still not apparent. Another notion is that the encounters are emotionally ill.

In a normal sleep paralysis event, the individual wakes up paralyzed, senses a presence in a space, feels dread or panic and might hear humming or buzzing noises or perhaps seeing strange lights. A visible or invisible entity was known to sit down in their chests, vibration, strangling or prodding them. Again this can be reported in diabolical haunting where witnesses have been believed to have been assaulted or raped in their sleep with demonic spirits known as incubus or succubus. Efforts to resist the migraines are often ineffective. It's reputably better to relax or attempt to move your eyes or one finger or toe.

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