A Man's Tears In The Shadow (Paranormal Happenings)

I'm lucky because I'm often invited by several groups to give talks on many aspects of the Paranormal. On such events, upon the conclusion of my assignments, I'd like to encourage my audience to ask me questions to impart to me along with other current specifics of my happenings that they might have undergone. I find quite reluctantly, that I'm frequently asked the question, Do you believe in Ghosts?'

I am not too convinced, since matters came to a head a couple of weeks before, after I'd given a talk on Hauntings into a Theater Club, at the town of Bromley, in the English County of Kent. But, I have to begin from the start.

Several years back while on a business trip, that was to have taken me out of South Western England to South Wales, I had been driving through the County of Gloucestershire, when some torrential rain began to fall.

From the historic city of Gloucester itself, dominated by the tower of its own lovely 11th century cathedral, shopkeepers at the primary road were feverishly trying to conquer the encroaching floodwaters with no fantastic measure of success, therefore I chose to put up for the night, in the expectation that the oceans could have receded by the early hours, when I'd have the ability to resume my trip with no additional difficulty.

Accordingly I decided to seek out lodging in a 15th-century inn, hitherto totally unknown for me, and ironically bearing the title of the New Inn. I retired to bed slightly tired after a very tiring day and immediately fell asleep. I had been asleep for long, so it appeared, once I became conscious of a sound of what seemed to be feminine sobbing, and it appeared to emanate either in the gallery or by an adjoining area. This lasted for a time, as it ceased, and I managed to fall asleep until the afternoon.

As soon as I got up, I proceeded to look into the source of the noise and discovered there wasn't any gallery out my window and my room was in the end of a corridor, against a brick wall and there wasn't any room on the opposing side.

At the time I hadn't been mesmerized by my current interest in psychic things, so after some thought I came to the conclusion that I should either have been dreaming or maybe passing through the varied states of consciousness called the false awakening', a state where one believes that one is alert, but actually remains asleep.

Several years back until lately, when following my conversation where I had connected my experience, a woman came to me and said, I liked your conversation, especially this bit about Gloucester. She responded, A crying girl!'

Upon engaging in additional study, I found that it had been at this early hostelry in the summertime of 1553, the unlucky Lady Jane Grey, learned for the first time she had been to become Queen of England, an honour to be of brief duration, since in January 1554, at the tender age of 17, she met with an untimely end in the hands of their Headsman on Tower Hill.

On more than one occasion the spectral figure of a woman clad in a long robe was observed to pass through the doorway of what's called The Queen's Suite, and through time, many manifestations are experienced in this early building within whose cosmopolitan timbers, lay concealed the secrets of several centuries.

In a lifetime of paranormal investigation once the course of this real investigator is strewn with countless pitfalls, and if people of a gullible nature could be so easily duped, I believe that this account of an individual encounter, could with others equally accurate, just go to show that Shakespeare was wise when he composed in Hamlet the unforgettable words,'There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy'.