A man of miracle revealed by his mystic prophecies. Non-Biblical Prophet; Michel de Nostradame

A man of miracle revealed by his mystic prophecies. Non-Biblical Prophet; Michel de Nostradame

The most well-known of non-biblical prophets, Michel de Nostredame, or Nostradamus, was born in St. Remy in the south of France in 1503. He became famous for his medical work with victims of this plague that broke out at Aix-en-Provence and Lyons in 1546-47 and only after this started making prophecies. His first collection was published within an almanac of weather forecasts in 1550, and in 1555 he published the first of 10 collections of prophecies (nearly 1,000 in all) under the title of Centuries. He died at Salon, in southern France, in 1566.

Nostradamus wrote his prophecies in poetry, for the most part in a highly symbolic style. This, and the fact that he chose not to organize them in any specific order, creates their interpretation, oftentimes, a matter of conjecture. Nonetheless, a range of the prophecies do seem to point quite clearly to events which hadn't yet happened when Centuries appeared. The very first prophecy to bring Nostradamus fame for a seer was the following: The young lion will overcome the old person, in an area of combat in a single fight: He will pierce his eyes in their golden cage; two wounds in one, then he dies a cruel death.

Four years later, in July 1559, King Henry II of France, who occasionally used the lion as his logo, participated in a jousting competition. The lance of his young competitor pierced the king's gilt helmet and injured him; Henry died after a protracted agony. Few of Nostradamus's prophecies include anything so exact as a date or even a partial date. However, he appears to have given one to the wonderful fire of London in 1666, saying it would occur "in three times twenty plus six." The majority of Nostradamus's prophecies concern big scale political moves and the affairs of the high and mighty. The French Revolution Appears to Be the subject of several verses, such as this:

From the enslaved populace, songs, chants, and demands, while Princes and Lords are held captive in prisons. This will in the long run be received by headless idiots as heavenly prayers.

The very first sentence is simple. The "headless idiots" of the second sentence are thought to refer to the ancient leaders of the revolution, who sensed the demands of the French people as "prayers," and that, finally tainted by their own new power, were themselves overthrown and guillotined.

In September of the year, in the culmination of this revolution, France was declared a republic. The deaths of Queen Marie Antoinette and Madame Du Barry, a mistress of Louis XVI, also appear to have been predicted by this remarkable seer.

Like most prophets, Nostradamus seems to have had a particular knack for predicting disasters and falls out of power. He's held to have clarified the fate of Napoleon, whose rule over the French Empire ended with his imprisonment on the tiny island of St. Helena in 1815, and also to have called for the abdication of King Edward VIII of Great Britain in 1936.

In two quatrains of Nostradamus came close to naming Adolf Hitler and described his calamitous activities with some precision. According to the very first one:

Liberty won't be recovered, a black, fierce, villainous, evil man will occupy it, when the ties of his alliance are all wrought. Venice shall be confounded by Hister.

The second quatrain was more vivid:

Beasts crazy with hunger will cross the rivers, and the larger portion of the battle will be against Hister. He will drag the leader in a cage of iron, when the child of Germany observes no regulation.

Judged and sentenced to death by a Revolutionary Tribunal and a panel of jurors selected by lot, Queen Marie Antoinette of France was headed to the guillotine in October 1793. Her destiny appeared to fulfill the prophecy of Nostradamus that the queen could be "taken to death by those sworn by lot" a process unknown in his day.

In content that the verses are remarkably apt. Liberty was seized or occupied, by an evil (black-hearted and black-haired) man. Venice, along with the rest of Italy, was really eventually "vexed" with his former spouse. Hitler's troops did cross rivers, and other boundaries, such as ravening beasts, even though the vast majority of nations were against them. The last sentence is unclear but might refer to the German naval blockade of Britain, which, before Pearl Harbor, was the only leader of the free world's battle for survival. (Erika Cheetham, The Prophecies of Nostradamus passim).

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